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CBS Formula Review & Bonus – Is It Work Or Scam?

Welcome to my CBS Formula Review. I saw this was being released so I thought I would take a look to see what it’s all about…

CBS Formula Review – Overview


  • Vendor: Precious Ngwu
  • Product: CBS Formula
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jan-16
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Official Page: Click HERE
  • Risk-Free: 100%
  • Bonus:  Yes, Huge bonus at here
  • Refund: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Niche: Software
  • Recommend: Yes. 100%


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CBS Formula Review – What is it?

CBS FORMULA is an acronym standing for; Create, Build, Sell. On the other hand, CBS Formula is a step-by-step guide on how to create your unique product, then create a big email list then sell the product to the mail list. CBS Formula package includes training sessions, apps, and tools to empower you in selling online. This course is worthy for both newbies and veteran internet marketers.

CBS Formula reviews


Key Features

• Complete Training Course

As opposed to many courses on making money online, the CBS Formula stands out since it provides a step-by-step guide on how to maneuver from the start to the final stage. In this formula you learn everything from creating a product, building a big mail list to market your product and lastly selling the product to the list. In each step, detailed instructions and tips are making it easy to understand.

• Apps and Tools

Apart from getting intensive training on making money online, you also get apps and tools required for a successful money making career. These apps make the working process simple thus ensuring good results.

• Automation Mode

CBS Formula has automation solutions that help you to maximize and speed up your work rate. Using this option saves you time, money and effort.

What You will get inside CBS Formula?

Part 1: Creating the Product to Sell

In this course, you’ll learn how to come up with what to sell in less than 15 minutes. In less than 48 hours, you’ll have created the product. However, so far you don’t have even a hint of the product you’ll soon start selling.

Part 2: How to Sell

According to the trainer, email marketing is the best and most profitable way of selling products online. Here is the procedure of generating leads and traffic.
• Record promotional YouTube videos and rank them for high-traffic keywords
• Run ads to your sales page
• Create review blog posts and sponsored posts on the most popular websites
• Buy traffic
• Build niche sites promoting your products and rank them on Google
• Go viral on Facebook fan pages
• Create viral content and videos to share on social media promoting your product
• Build an email list and send promotional emails to them

All the eight methods mentioned above works well and will help you to sell your products fast online. However, all these methods do not give similar results. Besides these, Precious Ngwu emphasizes on an email list and says that it can make you make 10x more money than you can make from any other source. Additionally, after making an email list, it acts as a personal asset.

Part 3: Selling Your Way to $1 000 per Day

Here are the 6 main things to focus on to achieve the $1000 target per day.

1. Discover the Profit ZERO Sub-Niche You’ll dominate for Long

Picking a niche that will work for you is a crucial step in selling online. This is the same place where most people fail. They create products that are hard to notice due to the overwhelming competition in that niche. As a result, you get few or no customers at all. After all, people like products they’re used to.

There are sub-niches with zero competition. These niches have thousands to millions of customers willing to buy new products. However, very few people know about their existence.

Here’s how to discover these niches in minutes:

i. The Desperate Product Strategy.

After discovering the profit zero sub-niche, the next thing is discovering the product that customers there require most or the problem they’re most desperate to find a solution. Once you create that product, you’ll rest assured of having a ready market.

ii. Identify the Perfect Product to Sell

Not all products are equal. There are the huge money makers and the regular products. In the CBS Formula, you’ll learn how to create products that will make you 10x more money than the normal products.

2. Create Brand New Hot Selling Product in 24 Hours “Speed Secret Hack.”

Using the Speed Secret Hack, anyone with no experience in the sub-niche can create a new hot selling product in less than 24 hours. This way, you could create any product in any niche within 24 hours. As a result, it is possible to start over 100 products in different sub-niches in 2017. If each makes you $50 – $100 per day, you stand a chance to make $5000 – $10000 per day.

3. Create a Power Email List ( with 5000-10000 Subscribers in the First Month)

The basic requirements to succeed in selling online is the unique product to sell and email list. In the CBS Formula Review, you’ll learn how to build a powerful and sizeable mail list within one week. Facebook ads give perfect, quality traffic but is costly and requires some tweaking. However, with the CBS formula, most people comfortably generate over 5000 subscribers in the first month. This should not trouble you.

4. Emergency Traffic Gobbling Method – Get 10000+ Visitors Daily

To build a successful online business, create big email lists and sell a lot of products then getting traffic is a must. Online business requires speed, and if you don’t move fast, your competitors will crush you, and within no time, you’ll no longer be in the business. In CBS formula review, you’ll learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your pages and websites in less than 24 hours.

5. Sales Funnel Mastery

If you already have a product and you probably sell 500 copies in the first month, you can think of a way to sell 3x more products to the same customers. This gives you more sales and more income. This method is referred to as Deep Funnel Marketing, and it’s the best strategy to increase total sales for a product.

6. Finally, Sell, Repeat and Scale

In the CBS formula, you’ll learn the basics of writing hot sales copies, get templates and sample sales copy and an automation software to use in producing high converting sales pages for the product you wish to sell.


How to Get My CBS Formula Bonus?

1 st: Click here to get this product.

2nd: Email to me [the sales receipt] at dannyreview@outlook.com to verify the purchase and choose the bonus packages at here.

3rd: Wait for your bonus. Simple as that! I will sent you within 24 hour!

CBS For enables learners to start their successful businesses immediately. I hope this CBS Formula Review gives you useful information that will transform your life. Good bye!



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