Chit Chat Chimp Review and Bonuses – Why Should You Buy It?

Chit Chat Chimp Review

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Chit Chat Chimp Review – Overview


What is Chit Chat Chimp

ChitChatChimp is a web based, intelligent chat bot builder developed to help users better support their customers, to maximize interactive visitor engagement leading to higher sales conversions and to conduct ‘on the fly’ market research and feedback gathering tasks. It’s also a lot of fun!

Our platform is robust and highly flexible which means users can build any kind of bot – Bots to better support their customers, maximize engagement and drive higher sales conversions, gather feedback, even tutorial bots that can train their customers and visitors how to do specific tasks. All while saving the bot owner considerable time and expense!

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What are great future of Chit Chat Chimp?

It’s SUPER EASY To Build A Bot…

With the Chit Chat Chimp bot builder you can create similar bots to the ones above in less than 5 minutes… With ZERO technical skills!

You’ll simply ‘fill in the blanks’ choose a suitable name and tag for your new bot, choose the colors, pick or upload an avatar and set your greeting message and common fall back responses (if the bot can’t answer a question) – It takes 5 minutes and your bot is ready to go!

Customize Your Bot With Built In Avatars, Gravatar Integration Or Upload Your Own Images…

with 3 easy step:

  1. Choosing Colors
  2. Adding Avatars
  3. Built In Avatars

Build An Amazing Chat Bot Without Knowledge Of Programming!

Now you know some of the amazing ways Chit Chat Chimp can help you every day, let’s look at how it actually works.

You see until now creating a chat bot for a website has been a cumbersome and technically frustrating challenge involving complex coding and weeks or even months of set up time. Chit Chat Chimp eliminates all that!

They’ve made the process of making and customizing your bot point and click simple and training it both fast and fun.

Smarter Than Your ‘Average’ Bot…

As your bot’s answer database grows your bot will grow smarter too… They’ve built in a ‘close match’ question algorithm that works behind the scenes to provide answers to question that are NOT already in your answer database. If your bot doesn’t have a pre-programmed answer available it searches it’s answer database using this algorithm to find the best match and provide an answer.

When this happens your bot will still save the question in your ‘unanswered questions‘ but it will tell you it answered the question. You can then check if the reply was good and if so hit the save button, or you can edit the answer for all future replies to that specific question.

NOTE: Your bot’s answered questions can be edited easily (for instance if you change a refund period, revise a launch date or need to change a link).

Running MULTIPLE Bots…

While you could choose to train one single bot to do everything in your business, you can also create and train multiple bots (depending on your account plan – see below) to do completely different things. For example one bot for sales and another bot for training your members.

You can save separate answers for each individual bot PLUS you can save common answers for groups or all of your bots.

Add Your Bot To ANY Website, Blog or Store…

Once you have created your bot adding it to your website is easy. They’ll supply you with a short snippet of code to place in your page’s code and that’s it. You can then edit the look and feel of your bot at any time via your account dashboard and those new changes will instantly appear where you placed your bot (you won’t need to touch the actual page again).

Why You Need It Now…

For support your bot’s goal will be to reduce your workload and keep your customers happy, so you could teach your bot to answer common questions like “How do I assemble this widget”, “Where do I access my product”, “When will my package arrive?”, “How do I reset my password?”, “Where are the set up instructions?”

On a sales page your bot’s mission could be to increase conversions, so you teach it to answer common pre-sales questions like “Does this product work in X country?”, “Do you offer a guarantee?” or “How does your product compare against X competitors product?”

For market research and in instances where you simply want to understand your audience better, your bot could greet visitors with a question – Such as “What topic are you most interested in?” you’ll get some great feedback for new product ideas and can further teach your bot to respond and make recommendations leading to sales.

Chit Chat Chimp makes it easy to create your own chat bot for both personal and commercial use, you can then add it to your website and provide your visitors with improved support, sales assistance or even just for entertainment.

Pice and How to buy?

With just on click from the website below, you can be able to receive the bes price when purchasing with my Chit Chat Chimp Review at this moment.

Click here: https://chitchatchimp.com/ or click image below:


The price for this course is just

  • $67 for Starter version with 1 Bot Limited To 1 Website
  • $97 for Smarter version 3 Bots Use On Up To 3 Websites
  • $197 for Unlimited version Unlimited Bots Unlimited Sites

Chit Chat Chimp Review – Conclusion

In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Chit Chat Chimp Review will help you gain more understanding. However, if you need any advice, please contact me anytime.

Grab is fast. Thanks for spending time reading my Chit Chat Chimp Review and I will see you soon. Goodbye!

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