Getting Your SEO Strategy Bang On Every time And Rank On Page 1

Getting Your SEO Strategy Beat On Every time And Rank On Page 1

competition research You already know the sense…

…. You have designed a nice looking site and added some quality content.

It’s now time to do some link building.

But you are kind of stuck!

What should you do? What strategy should you employ?

As doing more client primarily based work I have come to realize that different niches and keywords require completely different varieties of SEO and back linking.

Presently there is no guaranteed method to ranking sites. Many people may adopt the same method for each and every site they actually…..

It may look something like this for example:

  • Press release
  • 50 A High pr blog efforts
  • 10 X Article web directories
  • Social media backlinks
  • 10+ Web 2. 0’s
  • Rate 2 links blast with GSA

You get the drift!!

Problem with this is, this could work for some sites, nevertheless for others it will not lower the mustard, or may even be too much!! (Yes you can over do it)

What exactly should we do?

The vital thing I actually do when approached by clients or before starting any SEO project is to assess all of my competition sites that are ranking on-page 1.

And if you wish to become a successful SEO then you need to be doing this too.

I know every person loves a good example, so I am heading to run through a few real life good examples of the reason. Apply these methods to your sites and you will be giving your significant advantage, as well as saving yourself a load of time!!

Example One

Used to do a site audit and analysis for a customer very recently. And the keyword he attempting to list for was ‘free tips’ (This is for yahoo. co. uk by the way). This is popular search phrase in the UK for free betting as well as bookmaker offers, anyway……

My client was currently on-page 2 for this term, thus i travelled and analyzed the website link back to your site profiles of the sites on-page 1.

It became apparent this was a solid search term to list for. Here are some results of the top 3 sites. I have taken this data from AHREFS…


This is why. This kind of site has over 24k inbound links, but 14, 512 are sitewide, so they have probably only come from 1 or 2 sites. I’ll investigate further in a minute!

You can also see that it includes over 2000 indexed pages, so they probably have a lot of content.

They also have 56 sites redirecting to this one, and the 28, 813 links originate from only 168 different I actually. P’s.

So this instructs me they either have their own Community sites or they used paid links on high expert sites.

In Ahrefs, when you have done a search for a particular site, click on >  Domain names in the left palm menu. This will provide you with all of the domains where the links are received from!

Examine this out…….

I have blanked the actual actual sites as I’m certain they didn’t like me divulging this kind of information to the earth, but as you can see, they are getting hundreds, even thousands of links from each domain.


Seem at the top site. They may be getting 11, 583 links from this one particular site!!!

I’m also able to see that every site that links to them is niche related and on topic. Right now this is essential because if these links were coming from general blog networks or dodgy website link building gigs, then this site would have recently been penalized a long time ago.

Who said sitewide links were not good any longer??

See what I suggest about ‘seeing what factors rank sites in your niche’? There are some niches where a few sitewide links would damage your rankings in the blink of an vision. But since we see here, it’s plainly working for this niche and keyword!

I also want to explain to you the durability of this back hyperlink profile. Look at this screenshot below.

Look under the ‘Domain Rank’ steering column. They are fairly strong numbers right there…


If you wanted to rank for this search phrase you better ensure you have good site with a lot of indexed webpages.

You will need high authority backside links…. ALL from market related sources. i. elizabeth. Horse racing, gambling, sports site etc…

You got better get building your own private blog network and focus on increasing the SEO metrics of each site you build. You can then add sitewide links going to your money site to enhance your rankings. Just like they may have done!

You also need to build other backlinks from market related sites! It will not take a lot of links, but you would need quality, high authority ones!!

To confirm my findings Items show you a fast look at the back hyperlink profiles of the sites ranking 2 and 3.

Example 2

This can be a account of the root domain name, and not the genuine page that is rating as it wouldn’t show improvements. But look at this. Over 4 mil links and over about half are sitewide. They have very strong links from high pr sites in this niche.


Example 3

Again, thousands of inbound links, not as many sitewide nonetheless they are still apparent. They will do have a great deal of strong links. That they may have somehow handled to get an inbound link from almost all of the UK horses racing courses official websites. Most likely paid for links.



So as you can see. This is a difficult market and you are going to desire a great deal of money to break with it. You need to build your own private blog network and purchase links from highly relevant sites in the athletics betting niche.

Although these tactics scream ‘Black Hat’, the actual method to obtain backlinks are incredibly solid, with no spammy sh%t.

So do you think the SEO example I showed you in the beginning would slice the mustard here? I actually don’t freaking think so!!!

I know this example was somewhat extreme, but I just wanted to find the point across.

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