Bonuses Pack #4 – Affiliate Marketing

Bonuses Pack #4 – Affiliate Marketing


Just 3 simple steps to say these bonuses :

  • 1st, You buy product from my site.
  • 2nd, choose bonuses below.
  • Finally, send [the receipt id] and your choices in message to my email at: support@whiteboard-review.com. I am going to send you bonuses within 24 hours

Bonus #22: Client Sign Up And Proposal Contracts ($2,997 Value)

Client Sign Up And Proposal Contracts

Here you’ll be getting the EXACT contract we use to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3,000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we used for one-time services (like selling a video to a client).

Having a proper contract allows you to look a lot more professional AND truly commits your clients to working with you.

If you went to an attorney to have contracts like these created from scratch for you, you’d easily be paying thousands in fees.

Not only are we saving you money with this bonus, but you’ll be able to IMMEDIATELY start signing up clients and sending our proposals.

Bonus #21: Instafy Gold (497)

Instafy Gold Review

Bonus #20: eCom Gods Academy ($2,358)


The Greatest eCom Academy Ever Learn exactly how you can bring in $500+ per day doing ZERO work with Shopify… and how you can be set up one hour from now. LIVE videos from the very beginning to the very end, watch along and see how I profit.

Bonus #19: InstaProfit Machine ($765)

Image result for instant profit machine

 This Is EXACTLY How You’re Going To PROFIT

  • Simply follow the step-by-step “IPM System” to EASILY get to $100+/day!
  • Make effortless commissions with this highly unique (and under-utilized) platform…
  • Now you can finally get ahead of the pack because very few people are doing this!
  • Watch your affiliate accounts go from zero to profitable paydays…
  • Imagine how nice it will feel when you can flip this system ON and make an easy $100 to $150+ per day…
  • With just 15 to 30 minutes per day you can have one of these “Profit MACHINES” bringing you daily profits!

Bonus #18: Clickbank University ($861)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho clickbank university review

Clickbank University is a training center and community on how to create your own info products to sell online. You can also learn how to market other people’s products via affiliate marketing.

For the most part CBU is an educational platform that is meant to help people learn how to create and sell their own digital informational products online.

Along with creating your own products, Justin and Adam will also teach you how to start making money online by teaching you the right way to getting started as an affiliate marketer.

However, all of the training that you will receive through this affiliate training course is geared around using CB to do so but the techniques that they are teaching can also be used in almost all other affiliate networks or programs.

Bonus #17: Affiliate Marketing Excellence Course (Value: $197)

Affiliate Marketing Excellence Course Review

A simple, step-by-step method to make 1000s of dollars per month as an affiliate marketer.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to get started with affiliate marketing even if you’ve never made a penny online before…
  • The fastest way to begin earning up to $20k per year with affiliate marketing and how to scale that up to $100k per year or more…
  • The 4 BEST platforms for finding information products that often pay commissions in the 50-75% range…
  • How to find information products that pay you high commissions as well as INSTANT commissions into your PayPal account…
  • How to use content marketing online to build a massive following and scale your income to $10,000 per month, or more…

Bonus #16: Affiliate Authority – How To Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products (Value: $197)

 Affiliate Authority review

[+] How to create a landing page for your affiliate products. A landing page will attract more buyers and convert those visitors into paying customers.

[+] How to build a mailing list and setup an autoresponder. With an email list, you’re able to follow-up on your leads. This is an important part of building a successful online business.

[+] How to use content marketing to become an authority in your niche and attract traffic for years to come.

[+] Use social media to grow your prominence online.

[+] How to write persuasive copy that encourages sales.

[+] Secret tactics to winning affiliate contests.

[+] …and much, much more!

 Bonus #15: 3 Ways to Make $10 an Hour

3 Ways to Make $10 an Hour review

This special report explains three different ways to make $10/hour (or more) by working from the comfort of your home.

Bonus #14: Smart Affiliate Course

Smart Affiliate Course review

Discover How To Make $900+/Day, With Affiliate Marketing, Easily…

  • Simple, step-by-step guide.
  • No experience needed.
  • How to find good products to promote
  • How to avoid getting your commissions stolen
  • And much more!

Bonus #13: The Affiliate Challenge

the affiliate challenge review

“The ONLY 7 Steps You Need To Become A Super Affiliate EVEN If You Currently Have Zero Experience”

Bonus #12: 250K Freedom Class

250K Freedom Class Review

It’s basically about building a 6 figure business Online… Starting Small and then scaling From $100/day upwards…
It’s 100% newbie friendly. You get 11 step-by-step video tutorials, worksheets and templates…
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I’ll explain how in just 3 simple steps you can start making $512/Day yourself.

Bonus #11: AMZ Affilliate Bootcamp


AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is an online coaching program designed to teach you a proven step-by-step system to build, rank, and profit from Amazon affiliate websites.

Bonus #10: Instant Tube Income ($97)

Instant Tube Income Review

In case you don’t have the time to go through the entire review, read this short version: The Instant Tube Income training teaches a legitimate but risky traffic driving method through YouTube videos.

This method has potential for profit. But it also has potential for loss, especially for newbies who don’t have a ton of money to throw around while testing the waters. The details are in the main body of the review.

Bonus #9: InstaOptins ($997)

InstaOptins Review

This step-by-step course was put together to give you everything you need to start making $100+ per day as soon as this week.

These step-by-step videos will show you exactly how to get started right now and get big results.

Bonus #8: Trio Profit Machine ($97)

Trio Profit Machine Review

The Trio Profit Machine Spits Out
3 Streams Of Income In One Profit Machine And Works On Autopilot With 100% Free Traffic




Learn How I Build Affiliate Sites That Make Me Over $35,000 Per Month PROFIT.

This course is for those with real work ethic – The people who don’t want to have a boss, the people who want to be able to go on vacation 12 times a year, but will work from the beach.

That’s enough about the mindset you’ll need for this course… Let’s get into what’s actually inside.

It’s quite simple really, it’s good business – If you can make a 5 figure a month income with 15 hours a week work, then it makes sense to use the other 35 hours of work-time a week to make even more, and if you can grow a community, make some money and network with great people… It’s completely worth it.

 Bonus #6: 2k ClickBank Machines

2k ClickBank Machines Review

$2k ClickBank Machines is a complete guide showing people how to bank over $2k monthly commission with Clickbank Products Promotion. This whole business can be set up on 100% autopilot once all steps are ready in motion. Everyone is qualified for such an innovative income steam!

Bonus #5: Elite eCom Masterclass ($197)


Elite Ecom Masterclass is an 18-video e-commerce masterclass which explains how to build a highly profitable e-commerce business that brings in hundreds of dollars per day and can be scaled further.
But at its core, Elite Ecom Masterclass, or EEM as we call it, is a SYSTEMIZED FORMULA that works and will stand the test of time.
Finally say NO to all the hype and understand how to make e-commerce your personal cash machine.
Elite Ecom Masterclass, unlike all other ecommerce courses out there, teaches a different way outside just Shopify, so you can have total freedom and low costs. However – if you’re a Shopify fan or you’re already set up on their platform – no worries – our system is also fully compatible with Shopify and it will work JUST as well..

Bonus #4: Affiliate Marketing 101

Image result for Affiliate Marketing 101 review

This type of affiliate site is extremely flexible, both in subject matter and how the audience may interact with it. You will need to post reliable, honest, and current information about the products or services you are reviewing. Again, all content posted should be engaging enough to keep them coming back for more.

Bonus #3: Travel Affiliate Domination

Travel Affiliate Domination Review

Travel Affiliate Domination is a 45+ page report and how to guide to getting started with travel affiliate marketing. They get a free copy and paste template and recommendations on templates, where to find deals and much more

Bonus #2: Bay Profits Academy

whiteboard profits review bonusa

Bonus #1: Clever Profits