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ReplyTap Review – It’s Legit Or Scam For You?

ReplyTap Review

Powerful Tool Assist Your Customers When They Need You

ReplyTap Review

Customer service is key to maintaining good customer relations and growing a successful business. It allows a business to stay connected with its customers and to receive valuable feedback. Without this ongoing connection, most businesses fail to remain viable.

The most important reason that small and medium scale business are not able to provide quality customer service is because they need a stringent process and the staff to adhere to it. There a lot of tools available in the market but they work as disparate entities. It is not easy to follow and maintain different tools.

This is why many of us are not able offer quality services. A new tool ReplyTap (RT) is launching tomorrow. This tool lets you manage your complete support function from a single dashboard and run it like a pro. With the built-in RT Video technology, you can do a video call with your customer and also assist your customers by accessing their screen simultaneously. And a lot more features, let’s discover in my ReplyTap Review for more details.

ReplyTap Review – Overview

  • Creator: Karthik Ramani
  • Product: ReplyTap
  • Release Date: 2017-Jul-19
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $197
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Bonus: Yes, Huge Bonus at here
  • Niche: Software
  • Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Highly recommend 

ReplyTap Review Powerful Tool Assist Your Customers When They Need You Customer service is key to maintaining good customer relations and growing a successful business. It allows a business to stay connected with its customers and to receive valuable feedback. Without this ongoing connection, most businesses fail to remain viable. The most important reason that small and medium scale business are not able to provide quality customer service is because they need a stringent process and the staff to adhere to it. There a lot of tools available in the market but they work as disparate entities. It is not easy to…

ReplyTap Review

Quality - 9.8
Price - 8.9
Features - 9.7
Easy to use - 9.3
Support - 9.5
Bonus - 9


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About Creator

The man behind this product is Karthik Ramani. He is known for being an extremely successful product creator with a lot of incredible products such as Easy Links, EverLesson, Video Hub, Lead Monster, Carvly, Social Directory, the list goes on. ReplyTap is his latest development in this year. Now we are going to move onto the next part of this ReplyTap Review to what the features are.

What is ReplyTap?

Reply Tap Review

ReplyTap is an online tool that empowers you to reach out to your audience in more meaningful ways and address their support queries like a pro. It is a sophisticated cloud based platform with built-in chat box, knowledgebase, video calling, co-browsing features and a lot more.

ReplyTap’s Key Features

Audio Calling

Not just a text chat. Your support agent can now receive an audio call directly from the customer through the chat widget.

Broadcast Messages

You have a flash sales that is coming to an end, no worries. You can do a one-click broadcast for all your web-visitor and let them know about it

Video Calling

Yes! Why not? You can now instantly receive video chats from your clients on a need basis.

Co-browsing Features

Got a complicated process in your system that you can not explain to your customer? Now you can let your customer to share a screen with and explain it easily.

Knowledge Base

You can manage your complete set of “How-to’s” from this single link with an advanced search functionality. When a customer has a query, all he/she has to do is just swift through the knowledge-base and get it resolved.

Video Chat Templates

ReplyTap also comes with its own set of video templates that allows you to play welcome videos on the chat widget. Interaction at a whole-new level.

Advanced Analytics in The Dashboard

Get complete details about the prospects who visit your sales page. Get vital statistics about the members in your membership or shopping carts

Hashtag Based Canned Response

Your agent can save your canned response and retrieve them hashtags easily. This lets you address the Frequently Asked Questions faster

Inland Typing

Know what your prospect is typing even before they hit on the “Send” button. This helps your agents to be prepared to answer instantly as soon as your customer posts.

Multiple Agents

Now, you can create multiple agents for the same campaign to run the team like a pro. You get complete insights on the workload of your agents and managing it accordingly.

How Does It Work?

ReplyTap work on two phases


A Chat Widget will be present on the sales/landing pages that your prospects first land on ???. They will chat live with your prospect and answer any queries they have with regards to the business solutions that you may offer them. This is the best direct marketing strategy you can invest in…the chat will literally sell your business live to your prospect, hold their hands, convince them this is the best solution for them, and gently guide them in…


Here the chat widget executes the work of eloquent business executives. It answers any query your customers may have regarding your product and will lead to a sharp decline in support tickets that can be overwhelming for any business owner. This can be used as your very own onboarding process for your customers. Yes it takes time to help people set-up everything, but the kind of trust it will help you build with your customers is…priceless!.

Watch ReplyTap Demo Video to find out how to use it yourself since since there is too much it can do to be talked in my ReplyTap Review

Why Should You Buy It?

Need more reasons to get ReplyTap? In my ReplyTap Review I will show for you go!

Retention Is Cheaper than Acquisition

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. More than enough people have conducted endless researches and come back with the same result: Retentions is cheaper than acquisition. But not easier at all!

Loyal Customers spell P-R-O-F-I-T

Loyalty has great ROI. They will stick around, recommend you, be more flexible to change, and their business will be your greatest brand ambassador. But don’t make the mistake of taking it for granted.

Your Brand Is Your USP

People have around 1000 marketing exposures a day, but only engage with a handful. The ones that earn engagement are the ones that manage to strike a chord with the customers.

Earn Referrals

Like we said before, your clients are your best brand ambassadors. No matter what marketing technique you employ, your opponent will already have it: online and mobile marketing, social media. No matter what you spend your money on, people will most likely be influenced by referrals more than any other marketing technique.

Engaged Customers Provide More Feedback

An honest assessment is crucial to success. Client who you’ve managed to establish a connect with will provide an honest feedback to you and will also provide you with a benefit of doubt. It’s impossible to nail excellence every single time, and while a new lead will not listen to an excuse. Your recurring customers will still give you another chance. They’re telling you how to earn their business repeatedly.

Customers Will Help You Expand Base

Once you’ve proven yourself to your customers, they’re more likely to trust you when you venture into something new. They will probably be the first beta testers and give you an honest feedback as to how to improve the product and will recommend you ahead.

Customers Will Help You Expand Base

Nobody will welcome your marketing promotions and emails like your old clients. To most people, such promotions are a nuisance, but to your old clients who you’ve been associated with for a while, it’s something new to look forward to. Most people appreciate when their brand reaches out to them and respond when a brand they’ve know promotes to them.

It’s Better For Work Efficiency

Customer retention is basically a relationship building process. Good relationships make life simpler and better for everyone. Nurtured relationships come with a feel good factor, you want to do more the other, whether you’re the marketer or the customer. Sales are a very need-based phenomena and are short and temporary. They could be made from you, or someone else.

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And the perfect platform to support all these and make your business thrive is ReplyTap. Even with all these powerful marketing technologies built into ReplyTap, their platform is the most cost effective solution for you. You could be shelling out a LOT of money for something like this, but you don’t have to.

And It’s Already Showing Results….People LOVE It

“Live Chat is a necessity for any web pages nowadays. It shows the company is willing to help and in turn companies get rewarded with high conversions,Its simple and easily outranks the competition. Well done Karthik”
“ReplyTap encompasses a suite of functions including chat, audio and video calling for engaging with customers. This is not only going to help me turn more prospects into sales – but make sure all my existing customers needs are met”
“My customers are so happy now since I have installed Replytap for all our support needs. The audio calling & video calling feature is simply outstanding! A gentle goodbye to all my previous support softwares, thanks to Replytap.”

Price and How To Buy It?

I have to emphasize in my ReplyTap review that for those who want to secure a slot in this course at the moment, please make sure to remember the launch date which is on Jul 19, 2017 at 11:00 EDT. Besides, the front-end price is $197, plus you can purchase this product through Visa card, Master card or Paypal.

To be more specific, there is a wide variety of price packages available to be taken into consideration before you make your final decision to choose one of them.

ReplyTap has 1 Front-End and 2 OTO :

ReplyTap Review

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ReplyTap Reviews

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If you are digital marketer, chances are you may already had use graphics in promoting your products or services online.

The thing is that, one of the best type of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply an animated images in GIF format.

Youtube Channel Income

ReplyTap Review

With over a billion unique Youtube visitors per month, Youtube is one of the most visited and largest websites in the world.

Also, it’s one of the easiest platforms to get a huge amount of traffic.

These well researched and up-to-date content will show you :

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Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple

ReplyTap Review

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online!

Changing technologies have sourced paradigm shifts in the way companies used to do their business. Gone are the days when print media, radio and television were considered the only ways of reaching the masses.

Flashing Order Buttons Pro

Reply Tap Review

Easily Create Eye Catching Buttons That Grab Your Buyers Attention!

What is traffic if they won’t convert right? There are many factors why your audience won’t
buy from what you offer from your website.

And few of those factors is that your website might be ugly or not professionally created, not good product presentation, or simply your call to action button feature don’t catch your audience’s eyes.

WP Video Attention

ReplyTap bonus

New Powerful, Easy-to-use WordPress Plugin Allows You To Virtually Stop Your Visitors In Their Tracks And Get Them Instantly ENGAGED With Your Videos … So That You Can Keep Them On Your Website And Make More Money!

WP Video Attention is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page. This allows your videos to VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

Website Pouch Pro

ReplyTap review and bonus

Easily Hide Any Content Or Banners Within Your Website With Just One Easy Click!

Every internet marketers and online business owners want to have lots of traffic to their website. But the thing is that, what if your offer will just get ignore. Well, this has been one of the major problems for many online entrepreneurs,
bloggers and publishers.

ReplyTap Review – Conclusion

To sum up, I want to express my gratitude to my beloved readers for following my ReplyTap Review to the end, and I hope that it has been a helpful channel for you to refer to so that you can have a more general view of this product. Last but not least, do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Good luck!


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