NINE gift suggestions for those who like technology: what are you waiting for?

Have you been invited to a birthday or casual-party and need gifts for those who like technology? Do not despair. There are accessible options that should please the recipient. We listed these suggestions for best tech gifts for 2021.

  1. Object tracker

This gift can help a lot of people who tend to lose objects. The tracking keychain can be attached to keys, backpacks, notebooks and even your pet. So, when an object is lost, it can be found through this keychain. The gadget works via Bluetooth, and you just need to have a cell phone nearby with an application installed to ask the key ring to beep.

  1. Smart speaker

Echo Dot is one of the Alexa devices available online. Another device that is quite high in the technology market is the smart speaker. They are devices that work like a speaker, but with a virtual assistant running on the system. These artificial intelligences help those who have devices connected at home, managing these objects.

  1. Electric environment scent

This is a really cool gadget to make any tech lover’s home even cozier. The electric aroma tool for environments is a simple device, but very cool for those who like a more fragrant and pleasant home. It is a very special gift. This is an option if you want an assertive gift.

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Trend around the world, the robot vacuum cleaner is a slightly more expensive option as a gift, but it will certainly make life easier for those who win. The device uses sensors to identify the furniture and deflect it. Besides, it can also measure the distances from the environments it must clean, doing all the work itself. Several brands already offer vacuum robots on the market.

  1. Dongle: Google chrome cast

For those who do not yet have a smart TV at home, dongles is the perfect option to bring streaming services to television without having to change devices. One of the best known is Google’s Chrome cast, but several other brands already produce dongles. With them, it is possible to pass functions from smart phones to TVs, such as streaming videos from Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube and playing music on services like Spotify.

  1. Pen for Tablets and Smartphone

The pen for tablets and smart phones is perfect for those who perform many tasks on these devices. It greatly facilitates the insertion of content and improves the strokes on the screen. It has a rubber-tipped, rounded touch-sensitive tip and a special tip for writing. Good gift option that combines utility with innovation.

  1. Cell phone holder with neck support

This is a creative gift option. This support has a 360 degree rotation design and allows you to support the device horizontally or vertically, leaving your hands free. It’s great for those who constantly watch videos on their cell phones while lying down and also for those who produce content since it also serves as a self-stick.

  1. Wi-Fi signal repeater

Good quality internet is indispensable in the home of those who enjoy technology. Therefore, the Wi-Fi signal repeater is a great alternative as a gift. It improves Wi-Fi, amplifies the internet signal in a simple and safe way. It is compatible with all router models.

  1. USB adapter

Certain devices such as new notebooks on the market are coming with fewer and fewer USB ports, which can be a problem for those who use devices such as wireless keyboard and mouse, or simply want to connect the phone to the computer. The USB adapter is a good gift option, as it makes everyday life more practical. It helps to increase computer connectivity by bringing in multiple USB ports.