5 Domestic Destinations in India that Never Lose its Shine

Visit the popular travel destinations within India this holiday season and start exploring the beauty of your country. Mentioned in this post are 5 of the most populous tourist destinations within India. Keep reading.

Travelling in India is like visiting many countries altogether, and the experience is always unique and fascinating. Moreover, thanks to extensive flight connectivity offered by the prominent airlines in the country, now you can get almost anywhere in the country within a few hours. So book a flight and choose from one of these popular tourist destinations that will never fail to charm you!

Rajasthan – The Land of Deserts and Monuments

Rajasthan offers an all-in-one experience to its visitors. Land of kings and vibrant colours, every nook and corner of this place has amazing things in store for you. Experience desert life at the Golden City Jaisalmer, or feel the elegance of monumental forts, folk music, and delicious cuisine at the pink city Jaipur. Even the simplest of towns like Udaipur have ancient architectural styles and unique culture. And not to forget, Rajasthan is home some of the best wildlife sanctuaries. Take a flight to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, or Udaipur and start your Rajasthani expedition.

Agra – Home to the Taj Mahal

Agra is home to many distinctive UNESCO world heritage sites. This city is symbolic because of the most popular tourist site, the Taj Mahal. Apart from this 7th wonder of the world, there are many other ancient places whose history will amaze you—Red Fort, Fatehpuri Sikri, Buland Darwaza, several palaces, tombs, mausoleums, and masjids, mesmerizing gardens alongside the modern sprawling city. It has bustling chowks and bazaar and a variety of cuisine to choose from. Agra is not far from the two very exciting places—Delhi and Jaipur making these three points into a ‘Golden Triangle’ due to their proximity. Make sure to add this to your itinerary. However, a flight to Agra from any corner of the country can land you in this charming city within a few hours.

Shimla – The Summer Capital of India

A beautiful hill station with the remnants of colonial architecture, the British discovered this place and declared Shimla the summer capital. It remains the same among Indians today. Traffic limited to the outskirts of Shimla makes this a great place to explore on foot. If you enjoy the snow and chilled weather, this place stands out among all tourist spots because it offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy the mountain views, ride the toy train, go ice-skating, and mountain hiking. Get the feel of living in a vintage world. What’s amazing is that it is one of India’s few hill stations that has an airport making it easy for travellers to reach here quickly and most conveniently.

Kerala – God’s Own Country

On the Malabar Coast, Kerala is peaceful, aesthetic, and pristine. A little country by itself because of the extensiveness of land, dialect, and culture. The colonial rule of the Dutch, Portuguese, and British gives distinctiveness to its historical legacy. It has many historical sites. A wide range of wildlife sanctuaries, especially bird sanctuaries for bird watchers. Kerala also offers a tranquil and relaxed experience on its backwaters, boats, and fringed palm trees. It is home to many hill stations and tea plantations. Verdant hills and clean air. Kerala offers the most reviving experience to its visitors. Nonetheless, it is also a hub of Ayurvedic practices and yoga. This is a place that is best suitable for a spiritual retreat.

Goa – India’s Very Own Hawai

The favourite beach destination of Indians—Goa offers picturesque scenery, gleaming beaches, water sports, nightlife, and natural tranquillity. You can book a resort on the beachfront, bask in the sun, try Goan cuisine and explore local markets. Goa has extensive flight connectivity from all major cities. Whether you are looking for Bengaluru to Goa, Delhi to Goa or Pune to Goa flight options, you can find tons of options to choose from.

While these destinations are most visited by travellers from all over the country and world, they have gained this appraise for a valid reason. Choose from one of the tried and tested holiday destinations this season and book your flights today.