8 Exotic Natural Destinations in Makassar

Maritime tourism in Indonesia seems to never run out of offering stunning beauty. Makassar, one of the cities in South Sulawesi, has several hidden paradises with significant tourism. If you are planning a vacation, it will be perfect to explore the small islands in Makassar, which have exotic views. Here’s the review for you:

  1. Karst Mountains

If you know Makassar with its many beaches and islands, this time the discussion will be about mountains, namely the Karst Mountains. As the name implies, this mountain is the largest limestone mountain in Indonesia. Having a type of limestone soil makes this place will continuously produce a cave when exposed to water. That is why there are several caves around the slopes of this mountain.

  1. Takapala Waterfall

Even though it has limestone mountains, it doesn’t mean this city has barren land. It is proven by the existence of a waterfall in a place called Takapala Waterfall.

This place has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for residents of this city. Especially young people who often come here on weekends and during holidays.

  1. Samalona Island

Indonesia is known for its many islands. Even some islands present unmatched natural beauty. One of them is Samalona Island in Makassar. To get here, it takes a motorboat trip as far as 2 km. Boat rental places are fully available, so you don’t need to worry.

The scenery on this remote island is very beautiful. In addition, various activities such as snorkeling and diving are also very popular here. The underwater world of Samalona is known to the world for its beauty. Unfortunately, the area of ​​this island continues to shrink from year to year.

  1. Barrang Lompo Island

Visiting a beautiful island is an exciting activity that will be memorable. Especially when the island possesses amazing natural beauty, such as Barrang Lompo Island located in South Sulawesi, this island is a group of Spermonde Islands that can be reached by boat.

The facilities available here are complete, including lodging. You can rent diving equipment for snorkeling or diving because this island is famous for its amazing underwater world.

  1. Badi Island

Badi Island also presents an island with amazing underwater beauty for you to visit. Here you can even find various sea creatures. Of course, various types of fish such as rat grouper, red sunu fish, and clownfish can be found here.

Not only the beauty of the sea, but the beaches on Badi Island also present fresh air and amazing views. The expanse of white sand combined with the color of the blue sky certainly presents a wonderful charm for anyone who sees it. You even only need to drive a speed boat from Losari Beach for about 30 minutes to arrive at Badi Island.

  1. Lake Tempe

Lake Tempe is a source of livelihood for residents. In addition, the water from this lake also functions to flow through several agricultural fields around the lake.

Besides being beautiful, Lake Tempe is also a fishing spot in great demand by the surrounding community. It is because there is still much freshwater fish in the lake.

  1. Taka Bonerate Marine Park

It is called a marine park because this place still has many coral reefs. The Taka Bonerate Marine Park is also one of the conservation sites for rare turtle species in Indonesia.

Of course, the most fantastic thing about this place is the preserved underwater paradise. The underwater beauty attracts many foreign tourists, especially those who want to see the underwater beauty directly.

  1. Lakkang Village

Become a tourist spot because this village has its specialties. Lakkang village still exists today because it still carries and upholds local culture. The rapid development of the times does not make this place change.

Rivers and a beautiful natural atmosphere dominate the environment of this village. This can be seen from the many hundreds-year-old big trees. There are also several relics of the Japanese colonial era you can explore.

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