8 Great and Interesting Tourist Destinations in Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang is the capital of Central Java Province and the largest town in Central Java province. Aside from being among those industrial facilities, Semarang has many exciting areas to see. Let’s see the list of great and exciting destinations for tourists in Semarang:

  1. Semarang Simpang Lima

The positioning of the intersection of five at the middle of Semarang makes this area constantly crowded daily, particularly on even days. This is one of the icons in Semarang where the local young kids frequently spend the night. The issue is lifestyle will truly feel genuine after sunset. Various exciting actions can be carried out by collecting at Simpang Lima.

It is possible to ride a decorative bike or wagon that’s intentionally rented out to people to get around appreciating the nighttime setting of this city of Semarang. After being drained of walking around, you can unwind in the center or on the area’s border when enjoying coffee or snacks offered.

  1. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu is likewise referred to as the most haunted building in Semarang. The construction constructed as the head of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company was frequently utilized to examine guts in its dungeon. However, now that the dungeon has shut to the general public. Tourists can visit this place to learn the history or just take some vintage-style pictures.

  1. Old Town

If you visit Semarang, be sure that you also stop by the Old City. Here it is possible to observe an assortment of older buildings with conditions that are still quite alert since the colonial relics. It is possible to make the most of the greatest places in the city to shoot pictures. The roads in this place don’t utilize asphalt but utilize technology to make your photographs more instagramable.

  1. Semarang Batik Village

Kampung batik semarang Situated in Rejomulyo, Bubakan, Kampung Batik situated not far from the Old City. This village is among the most popular tourist destinations in Semarang and continues to grow since 2016. The batik village is the home of different batik craftsmen in Semarang that continue to be active today. From the batik village, it’s possible to deepen the significance of batik themes, learn how to employ and learn the history of the town of Semarang in the paintings around the walls of people’s homes.

This batik village is also quite convenient for an instagramable photography spot because nearly all of the homes here have batik themes and vibrant images containing the background of this town of Semarang, the doctrine of batik, and the diversity of Indonesia. After walking, you can purchase souvenirs in this particular village, memorabilia from the kind of batik which you could freely decide to be utilized as souvenirs after coming from Semarang.

  1. Semarang Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Semarang is among those destinations for spiritual tourism in Semarang, standing on over ​​10 hectares with five high towers and using an extremely distinctive architecture.

At the center of the mosque’s courtyard, there’s a big umbrella that may be opened and shut just like in Medina, which makes this mosque quite instagramable for shooting photos. But remember the principal role of the mosque, that’s for areas of worship. Therefore our speech and attitude have to be preserved within this place.

  1. Ambarawa Railway Museum

This museum used to be a train station before it was converted into the first railway museum in Indonesia. Ambarawa Railway Museum includes a set of trains that had succeeded in his day. Open daily from 7 am to 5 pm, here you can learn about the railway’s history in Indonesia from colonial times to nowadays.

  1. Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple is found in the Simongan region, southwest of the town of Semarang. This temple is named Gedung Batu since its form is a massive rock cave situated on a rocky mountain. At the first time, Sam Poo Kong was built to admire Admiral Ho Ho. However, the Indonesian Chinese people built a temple to commemorate Admiral Cheng Ho, which is used as a worship place. It is also open to the public daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

  1. Ayana Gedong Songo

The Ayana Gedong Songo tourist place is situated at a complex with all the Gedong Songo temple at the krajan region, Banyu Kuning, Bandungan. This location has natural scenery that spoils the eye with all the cool atmosphere typical of mountain atmospheres. It is also full of intragenic spots intentionally made to draw the interest of young individuals, particularly in Semarang.

To take pleasure in the intragenic places at Anyana Gedong Songo, you must get a ticket to get into the Gedong Songo temple to get 10 million rupiahs and then purchase another ticket of 20 million rupiah for adults and 10 million rupiah for kids. This tourist place is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB, do not forget to wear thick clothing to avoid getting cold.

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