A Guide to Waterproof Your Basement with Examples

As a homeowner, water damage is one of the most common issues you’ll act towards. It’s a problem that has to be addressed throughout the year. Even in the summer and winter, heavy rain and snow might damage your house if you don’t take the necessary safeguards. There are basement waterproofing kent available to help you protect your house from this prevalent problem throughout the year.

Waterproofing your basement may be done in 3 ways

Sift Through

Your basement’s outside border must be dug all the way down to its foundation to protect it from water. An effective basement waterproofing system relies on the correct product being used on the walls.

Installing drainage tiles, gravel or crushed stone drains, perforated pipe, or any other permitted system or material must be done at or below the area to be protected and discharged by gravity or mechanically into an approved drainage system.

Drainage System for the interior of the floor

Excavating your basement floor to place a drain and grate over it is required to construct an internal floor drainage system. Sump pumps, pea gravel, and perforated drain tiles will also need to be installed, as well as concrete to fill up the excavation site around them. When building your internal floor drainage system, follow all applicable rules and requirements, just as you would when digging the dirt around your foundation.

Apply a membrane

A waterproofing membrane should be installed so the Foundation walls may be protected against water infiltration by applying a thick layer of asphalt-modified polyurethane membrane. Asphalt-modified elastomeric membranes provide excellent waterproofing properties. You can hire basement waterproofing kent professionals for more accuracy into your waterproofing system.


If you follow the advice in our basement waterproofing guide, you can guarantee that your basement is safe from floods and moisture buildup. When water seeps into the foundation of your home, whether it’s from heavy rain or snow, it may create a slew of issues.