BBQs 2U Offers Versatile and Innovative Kamado Joe Grills for Backyard Barbequing

BBQs 2U is a retailer store, where people are introduced to the premium barbeques landscape. They stock leading brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. Visit their store to see the barbeques collection on display or contact them to clear doubts. At BBQs 2U, the price range offered is suitable for every customer. 

For serious outdoor entertainment, homeowners can visit the leading Kamado Joe UK Shop. Unsure about which Kamado Joe Model to choose between Classic I, II, & III and Big Joe I, II, & III.

  • Kamado classic I and Big Joe I are basic models including Kontrol tower top vent, stainless steel grates, and proprietary slide-out ash drawer. 
  • Kamado Joe Classic II and Big Joe II are popular models including water-resistant control tower top vent, 2-tier divide and conquer, stainless steel latch, airlift hinge, advanced multi-panel firebox, fiberglass wire mesh gasket, and premium cart.
  • Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III are top of line models including a 3-tier divide and conquer, stainless steel latch, airlift hinge, advanced multi-panel firebox, fiberglass wire mesh gasket, Sloroller hyperbolic smoke chamber, charcoal grill basket, and heavy-duty rolling cart.

Regardless of the Kamado Joe models, two size options are available 18” cooking grate in Classic offering 256 sq. inch space in the basic model. Big Joe offers a 24” cooking grate with 452 sq. inches cooking space. In models, I and II there are 2-tier Divide & conquer cooking system, which allows setting two levels of half-moon plates for cooking simultaneously in different cooking conditions. Therefore, the Classic I & II cooking space doubles to 508 sq. inches, while Big Joe I & II doubles to 904 sq. inches. 

Classic III and Big Joe III comprise of 3-tier Divide & conquer the cooking system. The total cooking space increases to 510 sq. inches in Classic III and 864 sq. inches in Big Joe III. A maximum of six half-moons and 2 heat deflectors or four half-moons and Sloroller insert can be placed inside. 

Kamado Joe best price is available on BBQs 2U, during festival and holiday sales. Sales are regularly hosted, where buyers can save significantly on BBQs and essential upgrades and accessories. Therefore, keep checking their websites for seasonal sales and bargains.

Classic models offer space suitable to cook for 5 people maximum and for groups get creative and cook in batches. Big Joes means a huge barbeque to feed many guests. Kamado Joe Jnr makes barbequing possible anywhere. The new, hottest addition is the Kettle Joe with a 22” surface for a total of 363 sq. inches cooking space. Kamado Kettle Joe is a great option for affordable ceramic cooking. 

Setting Kamado Joe models is easy. Ceramic construction indicates better heat retention, perfect cooking, and fuel efficiency. The quality standard is uncompromising and offering an exceptional grilling experience is its benchmark. Follow BBQs 2U on Instagram, or other social channels for Kamado Joe product update.