Brief Guide to Men’s Polo Shirts

When we talk about a men’s wardrobe, then it is very limited, no doubt. However, there are a few mandates and staples that one can find in every man’s cupboard or even when carrying the screen cloth bag (ถุง ผ้า สกรีน, which is the term in Thai) for shopping, which is polo shirts. Over the years, polo shirts have drastically evolved and have become a significant part of a man’s fashion. There are hardly any men out there who do not like a good-quality colored polo shirt, which is widely available in polo shirt shop. 

Polo Shirts – Suitable For All Body Types: 

One of the biggest perks of polo shirts is that it goes very well with all body types and frames. This means the parts of the body which the man wants to showcase can be enhanced, and the part he wants to hide can be diminished; this is the beauty of polo shirts. When bought from a good polo shirt shop (ร้าน เสื้อ โปโล, term in Thai)a polo shirt will always fit well not matter. The best part is that it can get layered up with other clothing items and look perfectly well. 

Which Fabric Goes Well With Which Body Type: 

Although polo shirts fit every body type, choosing the right fabric and stuffing it in the screen cloth bag is considered essential to enhance the look. The cotton shirts are generally made of cotton yarn, which comes along with a ribbing Pique polo are considered to be the best polo shirts, especially those who have a wide physique. This is because it has textured fabrics hugging entire body actually widening the stomach and chest flattering areas.

On the other hand, if you are very comfortable with their body, then a cotton polo shirt can be the best choice. This is because cotton is a very soft material and is far easy to wear in addition, a polo shirt with a blended cotton shirt gives a sleek and very modern layout that can look great when worn alone or paired up with something else. 

A very general tip is that one should always stick to plain colored polo shirts in the beginning. This is because colors such as Grey, Black, and Blue are universal colors that go well with every skin type and body type.