Buying an electric standing desk? Check this overview first!

Many professionals are interested in buying standing desks, which allow them to sit and stand at will. Sitting for long hours each day can have an adverse effect on your posture, neck, back, and spine, and it has been linked to obesity too. Just by switching between positions, you can be more productive and efficient at work, besides burning more calories. If you check online for PrimeCables sit-stand desks, you will find many options, including electric variants. In this post, we are sharing an overview of electric standing desks. 

What exactly is an electric standing desk?

For the unversed, an electric standing desk is typically powered by a motor, which allows to change the height of the tabletop at the press of a button. Compared to standup desks that are manually operated, electric ones are way more advanced in speed and usage. In fact, most electric standing desks are extremely easy to use, and some even have touch panels. You can get alerts if you have been sitting or standing for too long, and the best ones hardly make any noise. 

How much to spend?

This is a subjective question and depends on the features of the desk. For instance, if an electric standing desk has a touch panel, you may have to shell a lot more, while standard variants may cost somewhere around $300 or more. Keep in mind that many brands do not include the tabletop with the price, so the cost of that should be included while budgeting. 

Things to consider

There are some basic aspects to consider while reviewing electric standing desks – 

  1. First is the height range, which should be just enough to allow you to sit and stand comfortably. 
  2. Next, consider the weight capacity of the standing desk, especially if you intend to mount more than one monitor or laptop. 
  3. Check if the product makes any noise, or how the adjustments are made. 
  4. Review if there is a simplified way of managing cables, so that the workspace is free of clutter. 
  5. Finally, check if the concerned electric standing desk comes with a warranty. With most products, you can expect a warranty of six months or more, depending on the features. 

Once you have checked all these aspects, place an order. Online stores have some really good offers and deals, so check for those and don’t shy away from asking a few questions, if needed, related to the use of the product.