Cases That Come Under A Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process can be extremely overwhelming and unbearable, considering the emotional changes a person is going through during that particular time. Not only is divorce an extremely delicate matter, which needs special and specific skills, but it also involves certain intricacies which only a skilled and experienced divorce attorney can handle. Thus, if you are going through a divorce, the best thing to do is to hire a divorce attorney. There are several kinds of cases that an experienced divorce attorney may come across and due to this vast and diverse experience; they can easily deal with serious issues. So here’s the glance at different types of cases that a divorce lawyer Andrew Heft can take care of.

  • An uncontested divorce

The uncontested divorce is considered to be the simplest and the quickest one, where both the parties work with their lawyers to draw up the divorce agreement and both agree on the terms of the divorce. Since all the parties involved agree to the terms, there is no trial in an uncontested divorce.

  • Contested divorce

This is perhaps the most difficult form of divorce where the husband and wife do not agree or find it hard to come to terms on major issues such as child custody or property division. In such cases, lawyers of both parties try to negotiate a settlement, but in case the situation worsens, the case goes to court where the judge shall rule on all the contested issues. Thus, those who file for a contested divorce will face a court trial. A contested divorce requires truly skilled and erudite divorce attorneys who can handle such difficult and intricate issues.

  • Collaborative divorce

In a collaborative divorce, both parties need to cooperate with each other and negotiate in good faith. In such divorces, the involvement of divorce attorneys is of significance as this kind of divorce involves each party working with their respective lawyers, trying to negotiate a settlement. Failure to settle often leads to the resignation of the attorney and the hiring of new lawyers by the husband and wife. Collaborative divorce thus requires skilled and knowledgeable attorneys who not only are empathetic towards your situation but can also tackle complex issues related to your divorce.

Divorce comes with countless complications and unforeseen events that one can handle easily, with the involvement of an experienced divorce attorney.