Cirilla’s love toy store’s recommended guide on anal sex tips

Let me guess, you and your partner have been fucking like a pair of rabbits, and now you’ve ran out of ideas on what to do in the bedroom. If anal sex came across your minds, the chances are that you’re looking for some quality tips. If such is the case, you’ve come to the right place! Cirilla’s love toy store has prepared the ultimate guide on anal sex and will provide you with some must-have tips on it. Once you read this article, you’ll know how to prepare for and enjoy anal sex, so read on!

Among the Cirilla’s love toy store most important tips for having anal sex, includes:

  • Using plenty of lube
  • Starting slow
  • Try using some condoms
  • Relaxing and enjoying the foreplay
  • Trying some sex toys

The first thing you want to ensure if you want to have anal sex is that you have plenty of lube at hand (pun intended). Using lube will make the whole ordeal more comfortable for both scenarios and it’ll ensure no one gets hurt. Before having anal sex, you should experiment with lubes and see which one works the best for you and your partner.

The next thing on the list would be starting slow. It’s of utmost importance to take things slow when it comes to anal sex if you don’t want to hurt yourself or your partner. Try teasing her asshole at first, massage it with your fingers, then enter the tip of your finger, etc. You should also treat her with some oral to get her aroused, and you’ll be on your way to having anal sex in no time.

Maybe you don’t prefer using condoms with your partner, but did you know that they’re amazing for anal sex? They not only provide more lubrication, but they’ll also feel amazing on your dick and inside your girlfriend’s asshole. To top it all off, they make things more sanitized at first until you get the gist of it.

When you want to have anal sex, it’s super important to relax and enjoy the foreplay as much as you can. As a woman, you want to be as aroused as possible, so tell your man to go down on you and put his mouth to work.

Last but not least, you should try some sex toys from Cirilla’s store. They can be a perfect way to kick off any anal session, and you can help your girl get used to having her butthole penetrated with a tiny dildo first.