Everything To Know About Cnc Double Column Machining Center 

CNC double column machining center is one of a kind metal processing which is known to multitask handling several operations at a time. When it comes to various industries like aerospace or defense or shipbuilding, heavy cutting is an integral part of it all. And, therefore choosing the right machine which would help in avoiding time-consuming manual labor matters. 

With this kind of machinery, you would be able to maintain rigidity when it comes to heavy cutting. They offer maximum machining capacity and here are some basic answers to some questions.

Is Double Machine Movable?

For some, the column would almost be another axis. You could make it into a B axis by putting the column on the track or by putting another box in the box track. Depending on how the manufacturer would be designing it, there are double column machines that come with multiple axes. 

With industries that require higher models, manufacturers are also coming with new technology higher machine models that offer high processing capacity. Double column machines should usually know how to simultaneously work with 4 or 5 axes to make it a lot more compatible in the market helping big scientific and output-centric industries. 

What Are The Widely Applied Sectors When It Comes To Double Column Machining Center?

CNC double column machining center is well known for the various applications and the purposes it serves in various industries. But as the machinery are quite on the expensive side, factory users could only invest so much and use the double-column one for the many hard pieces to process. 

Most of the applications for this kind of machinery would be defense, aerospace, automation as well as power generation, and also mould and die plates including shipbuilding. 

Is It Possible For A 4 Phase To Do 5 Phase Processing?

In this market where practicality and functionality are all that matters, five-phase ones are quite the popular choice among various industries. The machining process of that of a 3 axis one would be similar to what a 4 axis one is. You could cut the metal shape into the desired look. With 4 axis ones, milling is done somewhat on an additional axis, similar to what a 3 axis one does. 

Is 4 Axis A Good Option For Complicated Processes? 

This depends on the industry it would be serving alongside the application. When it comes to any kind of connection between the various chassis as well as the joints, you require to cut holes. This is only possible with a 4-axis milling one which could benefit you a great deal. 

When it comes to the structure of a double-columned one, it is mostly vertically aligned. Working with such machinery requires training. Here are answers to some of the basic questions that many industries have when it comes to working with CNC double column machining center.