Favorite Place For Alien Hunting

Those of you who like to travel around America can accidentally encounter Alien Encounters, and have time to take pictures of them. UFOs and aliens leave many mysteries. Many places became hunting grounds for curious people.

Stories, myths, and reports about UFOs have developed since the 1940s. Some stories are so exciting and phenomenal that they are linked to specific locations that people know.

For years they have been coming there hoping to see UFOs in the sky or even meet aliens. There are lots of alien hunting locations, here are some of them:

1. Area 51, United States of America

Area 51 is a military facility located in southern Nevada, United States. This place is considered by UFO and alien enthusiasts as the center of conspiracy theories about it. Area 51 is so legendary that it has become the inspiration for movies, comics, and games.

One of the things that makes Area 51 famous is the claim that this place contains aliens and UFOs that have visited Earth. All of these theories started in 1947 when a newspaper in Roswell, New Mexico, USA claimed that the US Air Force captured a flying saucer in the area.

Conspiracy theorists say the crashed object was a UFO which was then brought to Area 51 for investigation. But the US Air Force said their research results showed that the falling object was a weather balloon.

In addition, in the 1980s a man named Robert Lazar claimed to have worked in Area 51 and saw the UFO firsthand. But later, he was found to have lied about his claims.

The most recent event was in September 2019. There was the Storm Area 51 movement which went viral and was followed by thousands of Americans. They simultaneously came in groups to Area 51 to look for aliens. The army was even at a loss.

2. Sedona, United States of America

Sedona, Arizona, United States of America is one of the vacation destinations that is believed to be a UFO sighting area. Lauren Hillhouse, GetYourGuide Destination Manager for the Arizona and Nevada regions, mentions an exciting opportunity in the area.

They can go on night safari trips which allow tourists to hunt for UFOs. The tour company even offers guests night vision goggles to explore unidentified flying objects in the night sky.

“UFO search guides will help track nocturnal activity, which includes flashing lights. The UFO changes size rapidly and weaves in and out among the mountains around you,” according to GetYourGuide.

3. Albuquerque, United States of America

This region probably has no history concerning aliens. But according to GetYourGuide, Albuquerque in New Mexico, USA is very popular among fans of all things science fiction outer space.

As well as ‘alien hunting’ tours, the area usually offers tours that focus on places related to Hollywood TV shows and movies.

Along the way, one can see the places where dozens of famous films were shot such as Terminator, Transformers, and Independence Day 2.

4. Atacama Desert, Chile

The sky is so dark in the Atacama Desert, Chile, that the so-called most arid place on the planet is a favorite spot for UFO hunters. As one of the highest-recorded UFO sighting sites, Chile is a favorite destination among UFO seekers from around the world.

“The Atacama Desert has low humidity, high altitude, and clear skies with very little pollution, making it the best destination for night sky observations,” says GetYourGuide.

Tours to this area are usually provided with two special astronomy tours of about two hours that offer different views of the night sky.

The first part of the tour will use a telescope to observe the night sky, while the second part is an exploration of ethnic astronomy to understand how the ancient inhabitants of the Andes interpreted the universe.

5. Stonehenge and Avebury, England

In England, there is also a tourist spot that is believed to be the landing site for extraterrestrials. The place is in Avebury and Stonehenge, two locations in England that are among the most popular for UFO lovers.

Avebury is a medieval village surrounded by the largest stone circle in the world. It is believed to be 2,000 years older than nearby Stonehenge.

The origins of Stonehenge itself are very interesting and are still widely debated. Early in 2019, there was research suggesting that the mysterious structure may have been built using lard. In February 2019, a study suggested that prehistoric seafarers may have had a hand in the erection of the legendary structure.