Features That Are A Must-Have In Any Church Texting Software

Whether you want to add more members to your church list in a smarter way or are disappointed to see no response to emails to the congregation, text in the church is the new way by which churches are now approaching people as almost 98% of people read messages but not emails. Also, bulk texting is easier on the church staff and way simpler too. Not only does it save money but time too. But with so many software in the market choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some features that flexible and quality ones should have.

Is Easy To Use

When the platform of texting the members is confusing, it could waste your time, and hence make sure the platform comes with an easy interface. You might want to work with a few team members who can ensure that the software is straightforward. When a platform is confusing, more mistakes are made. Look through the reviews as well.

Great Customer Support

This is another factor to be aware of. No matter how easy software or platform is to use, you at some point in time would require the help of customer support. Check out whether customer support is flexible, knowledgeable, and on time or not. See whether there is a trail of positive app customer reviews or not.


Your Congregants are busy people having busy schedules. Therefore, marking events on the calendar is not possible but neither does the church wants them to miss important events. The text in church software should offer members reminders, therefore keeping the attendance consistency. Reminders are an important feature that any quality software or app will have.

MMS Images

Images are an integral part of making sure members can wake up to inspirational messages every day. With MMS tools, it is a powerful one that helps in encouraging members. Many churches aim at sending powerful images containing messages and motivational words to remind them about what makes them strong. Before going for a software, make sure it has the following feature.

Contact Group

Your text software should be able to help you create segregated groups like one for volunteers, senior citizens, the youth, deacons, and others. On the platform, you should be able to create as many groups as necessary.

Before choosing anything particular, see whether there is a trial period or not. This helps you in using the software and the app before completely relying on it. Therefore, these are some of the most important features to be aware of while looking for text in church software and app.