How Does Online High School Work?

Online schools offer many students an educational environment in which they can excel. Whether it’s the flexibility of course times and options which allows for travel or a reduction in anxiety, online high schools are providing options for many learners.

Students who have not yet opted for online high school may have questions about it. Continue reading for details on how online high school works.

Structure of Classes

Similar to brick-and-mortar schools, online high schoolers have a schedule of classes. Each student’s schedule might differ based on the courses selected. Some classes will be presented live; other classes will be recorded and available whenever a student wants to view the lesson. Each class will have a curriculum to follow that will provide opportunities for learning through participation in classes and completion of coursework.


One of the appealing aspects of online high school is the flexibility it offers. Often online high school classes let students work at their own pace. Topics in which students have prior knowledge, students can work ahead. In other subjects, some students who need a little more time to absorb a concept can do so.

Flexibility also encompasses geographic locations. Students who travel to pursue other interests can complete their coursework and attend classes from anywhere in the world. All students need for school is a device and the internet.

Collaborating with Classmates

Online high school does not have to be an isolating experience. Most schools have recognized the need for student interaction. Students can learn from each other. As important, students can interact with each other to develop social connections. Often schools coordinate field trips to enhance student learning. There are also online platforms that high schools use to work together on class projects.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Another way students interact with each other is through extra-curricular activities. Students who are interested in playing on sports teams, performing in school plays, or joining other high school clubs will have those opportunities. Students’ online high schools will offer extra-curricular options. Also, students can participate in clubs and teams at the high school in the town in which they are physically located.

Academic Rigor

Online high school courses available will have similar standards of academic expectation as a traditional brick-and-mortar school. Advanced placement courses are available for students seeking a more challenging curriculum. These classes can help develop students’ interests in different career paths.

Additionally, online high schools often make their courses accessible to students from other high schools. This can dramatically increase the offerings available to each online high school student.

Teachers and coaches at online high schools have been trained to utilize the tools available to online students. They have experience engaging with students who are not sitting in a classroom in front of them. Talented online teachers are able to personalize their instruction to meet the needs of each student.

Graduation Expectations

Public online high schools adhere to the same graduation requirements of a brick-and-mortar school in their state. Private online high schools will share with potential students their graduation expectations, which will usually mirror those of the public institutions.