How Long Do COVID Antibodies Last

It is known that individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 have developed a natural immunity against the COVID-19 virus. But how long does the antibody last? Research shows that the immunity that has been developed by recovered COVID-19 patients can last for 8 months or more. Does this mean recovered COVID-19 patients do not need the coronavirus vaccine (vaksin coronavirus)?

But How Does Antibody Develop?

The human body contains an immune system that functions to protect our body from infections from bacterias, viruses and from foreign bodies. The immune system can be activated when there is a presence of antigens which triggers a series of processes and responses and then retains a memory of these invaders.

So when the time comes or when infection of the same antigen occurs, the immune system is ready and will be activated to protect us from harm.

In the studies between the immune system and COVID-19, we have found that our body was able to create antibodies against the virus. We have found main components of the immune system such as antibodies, helper T cells, killer T cells and B cells that create new antibodies in recovered COVID-19 patients.

In other words, the body will be able to recognize SARS-CoV-2 and will have the ability to protect us from the infection. It has also been shown that people with mild symptoms are also capable of developing these antibodies.

Does It Mean We Don’t Need The Vaccination

Although we know that recovered COVID-19 patients have antibodies, more research and studies needs to be done to fully understand the immunity against the virus.

In such, people who have had COVID-19 or recovered from COVID-19 infections, should be vaccinated because the immunization of each person varies with each other. Experts also do not know yet how long the protection can be given from for each recovered person. Even though the occurrence of reinfection after recovery is rare, it is not possible as this virus is new to us and more studies are needed.

That is why, COVID-19 vaccination needs to be done for better protection. It is known that the vaccine is effective and experts believe that the vaccine is able to prevent serious complications if you get infected by the virus. It is also known to reduce the viral load and which we believe is able to reduce the transmission of virus among people.

 A recent study suggests that recovered COVID-19 patients and later immunized by vaccination do not need a booster dose in the future. While individuals who have no history of infection will need a booster shot in the future to ensure prolonged protection.