It’s no new thing to feel pain it’s part of human nature we get hurt in different ways including physically. Getting ourselves injured or being hurt by someone else sometimes it’s serious and other times it’s just many of the minor injuries we sustain regularly. While it’s common to be injured no one wants to be hurt especially a serious one that could have permanent consequences, such as leaving a lasting mark or even losing a part of our body. These are all the possibilities that come with being injured which is why most people don’t want it. Left to a lot of us we could live without being injured we would want that but here we are where we can’t avoid such occurrences. It’s worse for those whose professional career deals with a lot of physical activities like sports stars who get injured three times more than the average person. While there is nothing anybody can do to prevent injuries there is a lot that can be done for full recovery at Colorado, Advanced Orthopaedics we have our sports medicine physician. Who are by no means some of the best health personnel anywhere in the world offering services that help in relieving pain brought about by my injuries?

Apart from sports stars who get injuries often due to the nature of their job another set of citizens who find themselves almost always injured are the senior citizens who in most cases are over the age of 65 years. At this age, it’s almost certain to feel pain, especially when such individuals do not have enough rest. The result is a lot of pain especially back and neck pain we take care of such cases at Colorado, Advanced Orthopaedics we take all cases including to the point of surgery through our sports medicine physicians.

When it comes to sports there are some common injuries associated with sports such as knee injury, musculoskeletal injuries all these types of injuries are treated by our sports medicine physicians. We try to see if it’s manageable and when it’s not we carry out a full scan with our ultrasound treatment. This helps us to get good imagery of what best to do in terms of treating our patients including surgery which we have a high success rate in carrying out.