How To Manage User Comments On The Channel


You can also choose to grant permissions to users who comment on your channel. This way, you can choose an external user to help you manage comments in general. To do this, follow the steps shown in the first topic to reach the comments section of your channel.  Then find the user’s comment who wants to release permission and click on the icon represented by the three vertical balls.

Then choose the action you want. Are they:

  • hide channel user. In this case, the user’s comments will be invisible to other visitors;
  • always approve comments from this user.  If you check this option, user comments will be automatically approved;
  • add this user as a comment moderator.  In this mold, the user becomes a moderator of comments on the channel, deleting them if desired.

How To Pin A Comment At The Top

Pinning the comment to the top of the page can be very interesting for marketing for two reasons. The first is to select a positive comment about the brand and pin it at the top of the page for other users to read, thus working the branding.

And in the second case, you can make your comment with relevant information about the video, such as sources used in creating the content, written recipe, extra tips that didn’t fit in the video, and make it visible to subscribers.

To pin a comment at the top of the page, scroll to the desired message and click on the menu icon above the comment. Then select “pin to top.”  Thus, the indicated comment will be the first to be seen when the user scrolls.

You now know how to manage YouTube comments and are ready to take full advantage of this feature. Don’t forget to use common sense and adapt the language to the persona of your business.

Also, maintain transparency when problems occur and be sure to delete unwanted comments.

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