How to Spend a Weekend in Little Rock

There’s a big difference between a good city and a fun city, and Little Rock sits between the two comfortably.  If you want a city that will give you a chance to build a career during the weekdays but also give you the opportunity to have fun and cut loose on the weekend, there’s nothing better than this one.

These are the top ways to spend a weekend in Little Rock and why it’s a dream come true for many! 

Check Out the Museum of Discovery

If you’re traveling with kids, the best stop you can make is the Museum of Discovery!  This stop will give you the opportunity to explore science and discovery with your kids and help foster excitement for education in them.  

Go for an Incredible Hike

The best part of being in town to look at Little Rock houses for sale is to get a chance to stop and explore the local parks!  Hiking is the best way to explore beautiful nature, enjoy stunning views, and make the most out of your stay without having to go from building to building.

From exploring the Big Dam Bridge to checking out the countless historical sites and gorgeous trails, you’ll fall in love with the nature that surrounds and fills Little Rock.

Learn About the National Historic Site: Little Rock Central High School

A large part of Little Rock is its history as part of the Civil Rights movement.  Visiting the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site will give you a chance to go over what the Little Rock Nine went through, why desegregation matters, and how much people went through to try and make the schools equal and together instead of separate.  This is a timely stop and one that anyone who visits Little Rock should take. 

Take a Breather at the Zoo

If you need a moment of peace after learning about how turbulent history can be, it’s time to stop and check out Little Rock Zoo.  This zoo offers the chance to explore countless species and get to know their habitats, lifestyles, and what they’re like in the wild.  Nearly turning 100 years old, this zoo is home to over 700 animals crossing over 200 species.

Share a Drink With Locals at Rock Town Distillery

The best way to get to know the locals is to stop and share a drink with them!  Rock Town Distillery has dozens of flavors on tap, as well as many canned and bottled flavors, so don’t be afraid to step up and find something that suits your tastes.

Friday afternoon is the busiest day, so if you’re heading into town on a Friday, drop off your luggage and head here to get to know the locals! 

Little Rock Will Always Surprise

Whether you’re in town for the weekend or you’re moving here for good, there’s so much to do you’ll never run out of options.  Consider trying some of these fun stops, and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Little Rock.