Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the powerful aspects of search engine optimization because it generates immediate results.It is a model of advertisement whereby you pay the ad publisher, in most cases, the search engine when your ad gets a click. In other words, it is a way of buying visits to your website rather than earning those visits organically. 

Some of the advantages it brings in include boosting your online visibility, generating genuine leads, more traffic, and increasing your conversions, to mention a few. Generally, there is so much to achieve with pay-per-click marketing.

Although PPC marketing seems easy to execute, it takes a lot of planning to run a successful campaign. Thankfully a PPC agency comes in handy to help you put together a successful PPC marketing campaign. Here is how to start a PPC marketing campaign.

Optimize your website

The first step of launching a PPC marketing campaign is to optimize your business website to address the landing pages in collaboration with your paid ads. When a consumer clicks on your PPC ad, it leads them to your website, after which it is upon you to make a positive impression on them through a well-designed landing page. 

A click on a PPC ad is to find out what the ad is about, so you need to create a custom landing page that intrigues the user and aligns with the ad’s intent. For example, if you run a PPC ad offering buy one get two pizzas in your restaurant, the ad’s landing page should tell the user more about the promotion or another offer that relates to the ad content. 

You must also ensure the landing page loads fast and is easy to navigate. Here are some tips to optimize the landing page of your PPC ad.

  • Use a simple to use design and keep it clutter-free.
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Write a clear and straightforward copy.
  • Use video and images.
  • Make the information easy to digest by simplifying it.
  • Use compelling call to action buttons.

Choose a bidding strategy. 

Picking the right bidding strategy depends on your goals, budget, and PPC experience. Manual bidding enables you to set a cap on your cost per click with the trade-off of not having the ability to optimize your bids. Automated bidding minimizes the time you spend managing the PPC marketing campaign but comes at a higher cost.

Set a budget

You must set a budget when starting a PPC marketing campaign to control how much you spend. But you can launch a PPC marketing campaign even at a lower budget.

Pick keywords wisely 

You need to research and choose your keywords wisely when launching a PPC marketing campaign. Look at what your competition is using, select local keywords, be specific, and use other keyword search tools to identify prospective opportunities.

Create a killer ad

Last but not least, create a killer ad for your PPC marketing. Please keep it simple, straight to the point, and remember to capture the readers’ attention. Don’t forget the call to action and test your ads to ensure performance. Thankfully you can use the help of a professional PPC agency.