How to Wear Nude Outfits from Head to Toe

With people stuck at home due to quarantine measures in place to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, fashion has taken a step back. What moved forward instead are campaigns for self-love and acceptance, which is way better than fashion. This teaches you to love what you naturally have, and it helps you find your personal style.

You may have noticed videos where your favorite vloggers are wearing one particular color–or non-color–that is hard to pull off if you’re a person of color: nude. Here’s how you can embrace your natural skin color and wear nudes from head to toe:

Know Your Nude Shade

Those of fairer complexion have not had a problem thinking about the concept of nude shade because they often got the lightest shades available at their disposal. Those with darker skin need to be more careful in choosing their nude outfits because it can either go really well or really badly. You’ll want to consider shops that cater to people of color, or perhaps look at businesses owned by people with the same ethnicity as you. There’s a higher chance that they’ll cater to their own skin type, which in this case is also yours.

Try Nude Makeup First

If you’re not comfortable wearing nude outfits for fear of looking like you’re naked, try it with nude makeup first. Especially with your lip color, you’ll see a noticeable difference if you go nude. For the foundation, this usually means going for the makeup as close to your complexion as possible, but that’s what you’ve always aimed for anyway. For your blush, go for a very natural shade, and let your eyebrows remain youthfully wild for that natural look. All your cosmetics online shopping can be done in one sitting for you to have an idea of the products you’ll use together. Similar to how you’re choosing your nude outfits, turn to models of the same skin color to get an idea of how nude products will look on you.

Document Your Fails and Wins

The purpose of this experiment is not for you to be the flawless fashion icon overnight. You’re empowering yourself by being proud of your own skin type, and you’re also empowering others to love themselves in the color they were born with. This means accepting even your failures, and trying again. Your sister, older cousin, or friends will be glad to see you as a role model to turn to, and who knows, they might just be encouraged to try wearing their color as well.

Add Colorful Accessories

Just because you’re wearing a nude outfit doesn’t mean you’re wearing a boring outfit or that you can’t have fun. You’re still allowed to show off your colorful and vibrant personality, and you can still wear your loudest accessories if you want to. The good thing about a nude outfit is it’s neutral, which means you can dress it up and accessorize it with any color you want. Choose cream-colored shoes to stick to a neutral tone, or go with red pumps for that playful touch. Your necklaces, bracelets, and cardigans can be a playful mix of your favorite bright colors, and no one can say you went overboard.

The possibilities are endless when you dress nude. Be proud of your natural complexion and wear it to show off your personality.