Improve Your Sup Race Performance: Complete Guide

If you thought paddle boarding is fun, try sup racing. It is different from normal paddling because it requires skills to have a good performance.  It is an unmatched way to have fun with your loved ones.

Keys to Improving Performance

Follow these tips for improved sup racing performance

  • Stay with someone and finish strong
  • Stay dehydrated.
  • Learn the buoy turn
  • Learn to paddle straight
  • Get the right equipment
  • Never give up

Stay with Someone and Finish Strong

While paddle board racing, ensure that you keep up with a strong competitor and not fall so much behind. Keep up with the lead paddler, and don’t let the other racers overtake you with ease.

Stay dehydrated.

Do not ignore this very important health tip. Proper hydration will make sure that the body is in the best shape to compete and perform well. Staying hydrated on the race day is good and make sure you drink lots of water before the race. This is very effective and a paddler should do it for peak performance.

Learn the Buoy Turn

Doing the buoy turn right will hinder others from passing you when you are turning. Be careful not to hit the buoy straight on and use the waves to get around the buoy. The center of gravity should be low when you are making a turn. To avoid running into other paddlers, take a wider turn.

Learn to Paddle Straight

Paddling straight is a skill every paddler should know, not just when participating in a Sup race. Paddling straight is not a walk in the park, especially for beginners.  You can learn for weeks and still have trouble doing it right. Not paddling straight throws you off course, giving other competitors an advantage over you.

Get the Right Equipment

The equipment you use while racing will influence either a win or a loss during racing. Different boards come with different shapes and blades. Narrower sup boards is the most ideal for stand up paddle board racing. However, you must be able to balance properly on the narrow board so you can use it to race.

A wider board will work if stability on a narrower board is an issue. Check the fin system on the board. While bigger and deeper fins will allow easier tracking straight and balancing, they make turning difficult. For this reason, find the right equipment for your paddling style.

Never Give Up

Sup races can get intense but don’t lose focus, maintain the right attitude. Think about the countless hours you dedicated to practice before thinking of quitting. Proper thought patterns will make a big difference in the race. Be deliberate about staying positive, and you will increase your chances of winning the race. Just don’t give up and go through with it with renewed vigor.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let the pressure to win medals squeeze the fun out of a sup race. Sup racing is meant to be fun. So yeah…have fun!