Melatonin one of the best supplement for sleep disorder!!

Sleep disorder is one of the biggest problems in today life. As we can see our day to day life is becoming so hectic due to work pressure and we are forgetting to give priority to our health. Health should be our first priority and we should never damage it. If we want to maintain our health and sleep disorder then we should take some supplement at night before bedtime. In this article you will know in detail about melatonin pills how they are used and what are the effects of consuming them.

Who cannot consume melatonin supplement?

Melatonin supplement is the supplement which should be taken with the prescription of your doctor. There are some people who cannot consume melatonin are mentioned below.

  •   That player who is   indulged in exercise or cycling cannot consume melatonin to improve their sleep. They are basically athlete’s performers and need some short resistance for help.
  • Weight loss is also the biggest problem all over the world. According to various studies people who are involved in weight loss journey cannot consume melatonin. If they consume melatonin they can lead to various symptoms of cancer.

Precautions to be taken

If you are consuming melatonin you should take some precautions and warnings are required for some patients.

  •  That lady who is going through pregnancy should not consume melatonin. It will effect at the time of birth of a baby. Either lower dose or higher dose of melatonin is unsafe for them. They can take help from the doctor and take other precautions related to sleep disorder. Never ever try melatonin at the time of pregnancy.
  • Breast feeding mothers should also take proper care of the baby and never consume melatonin. This can be unsafe for your children. So keep this away from your children and it is the proven fact that long term melatonin consumption has effect the children.


The use of melatonin can easily help you to detect your sleep problem. But you cannot consume them for certain period. The more you consume the bad effects you will get at that time. So it is highly recommended to visit fancy crave and know in detail about melatonin conception for various patients. Take proper cure for your on body because no one can help or protect your body. Health should be your first and only priority in life.