Pros and Cons of Sisal Carpets

Carpets are the less time-consuming and easiest way to decorate the floor. Where there are many carpets available in the markets, the sisal carpets are very popular. Everyone wants to put the best things in his/her room. The sisal carpets can be proved as a perfect addition in your room. You can give the stylish look to the floor with the sisal carpets. They have the ability to alter the ordinary room into the extraordinary room. Sisal carpets can attract the attention of your guest and they will give a pleasant message to the visitors about your personality. On every floor, these carpets provide a beautiful appearance. But on hardwood floors and tiles, the charm may be doubled. Sisal carpet is a natural carpet fiber extracted from Agave plant’s long spiky leaves, which are visually and aesthetically appealing. Finding them will not be a difficult task for you as you can get them easily from any shop or online. If you want to purchase sisal carpets then you must be well aware of its pros and cons. These are as follows.


  • They are functional

The first benefit of sisal carpets is that they are really functional carpets. If you have decided to buy the sisal carpet then you do not have to think about where you should place them. You can place them in any area of the home. They offer extra grip to the feet which reduces the chances of accidental falls. This is the reason due to which many people choose sisal carpets for the stairs, where you can face serious injuries in case of slip and fall..

  • Easy to Clean

Carpets are on the floor, so it is not surprising that they will get dirty. Therefore, you can choose those carpets for the home which attracts less dirt and dust. It is easy to clean such carpets. If you have kids and pets in the home then you can consider sisal carpets. They will not put a burden on your shoulder, for again and again cleaning. To maintain their beautiful look, you can vacuum them once or twice a week. The high-quality sisal carpets are well resistant to water and stains. To clean them you can use water. But, you must dry them quickly after washing.


  • Sound Insulation and Non-Allergic

Sisal carpets are sound insulators and due to this feature, these carpets can be added in the bedrooms where silence is especially required. They will help in reducing the noise of the room. As the sisal carpets are natural so they are non-toxic and best for the families who are facing allergy and asthma problems.

  • They are long-running Carpets

When it comes to the long-running carpets, the sisal carpets are durable and long-lasting. As they are made up of natural material, they come with a long life. They are so strong that you can place them in the heavy foot traffic area without the worry of their maintenance. The minimum life of sisal carpets is ten years. You can even use them in the dining room and put tables and chairs on them.


  • Variety of Patterns, Colors and Designs

Whether you are looking for modern decor or traditional decor, sisal carpets can be considered. These carpets are available in a lot of patterns, designs and colors. If you want simplicity and a decent look then you can go with beautiful plain sisal carpets.


Not much but there are some cons of sisal carpets. If you are satisfied with them then you should enjoy the beauty of the home with sisal carpets.

  • Not ideal for wet areas

Although sisal carpets can be used in many areas of the home, they are not ideal for the areas where there is high humidity. You can consider other options if you are looking for the carpets for the bathroom and kitchen. The shape of sisal carpets can be slightly different in wet areas because they absorb moisture.

  • Less Comfortable

If the softness is your requirement then you can not get it from the pure sisal carpets. You will have to blend sisal with the wool for getting more comfortable and soft carpets.