When should you hold the bucks party?

  Bucks party ideas may have changed but the reason for having the party itself hasn’t changed. Bucks nights are still about celebrating a guy’s last night of freedom before he gets tied down as a husband. Their history goes as far back as ancient Greece and different cultures have celebrated these one way or another. In the modern western cultures, strippers are part of the bucks nights Melbourne experience. The stripper encounter can either take place at a strip club or the stripper can be hired to come and entertain the stag and his mates at a hotel. Strippers and bucks parties go together like peanut butter and jam. The question that most people have is when the best place and the right time to have this party? The night before the wedding, a week before or a month before the actual day of the wedding. Traditionally, bucks parties were held the night before. Such an arrangement can have disastrous consequences. Brides have been known to forbid buck party ideas that involve strippers and strip clubs to avoid having to deal with a hung-over groom standing in front of the minister, half drunk and reeking of the previous night’s beer olympics or having to rub lewd temporary tattoos off the groom’s face. No one wants the last minute scramble to find a groom who got lost the previous night, because he ended up being tied to a lamp post somewhere and no one has sobered enough to remember where exactly. There are some serious repercussions for messing up the bucks nights Melbourne so if you have the party the night before, you won’t have the time to rectify your mistakes. So, what should the gap in time between the bucks party and wedding be? Traditionally, a bucks night is the night before the wedding.   It has been like this for eons. However, times have changed especially with alcohol playing such an important part of the night, you can imagine the problems that alcohol can fuel. Getting black-out drunk can result in lateness, or illness or worse. A bucks party hangover is awful but men like to share and tell stories about the night. They trade these stories like war veterans   and they get to do different things over the course of those days. Destination bucks party ideas are wonderful. People get to travel and see different and exotic places. However, this is not the time to be thinking of Bali, not when the work is still reeling from the Corona Virus pandemic. However, in 2020, the Corona Virus made it impossible to travel. There were also lockdown rules that made it even harder for people to come up with destination bucks party ideas. Overseas travel might be out if the question. But that does not mean you can’t go on an adventurous weekend out in the Australian Outback. Australia has a lot to offer in terms of outdoorsy, male bonding type of activities. Try those crazy things you have never done but never got round to do them like skydiving or kayaking. Go go-karting, shoot some clay pigeons or shoot at each other with paintball guns. If you are more of a water baby, how about a weekend of fishing or just hire out a party boat with a DJ and a couple of strippers. Melbourne has some incredible venues. You can go low key or as wild as your imagination will allow, you will soon forget about how you always talked about celebrating your last days as a single man in Amsterdam. For most countries, there are certain seasons that are ideal for weddings and others that aren’t. Summer and spring are much popular but winter isn’t that popular. Australia is blessed with great weather, virtually all year round. Summers can be unbearably hot but we would have it any other way. The benefit of having doing things closer to home makes it easier to have a bucks party closer to the wedding day. How big you want to go will also inform the decision on the time lag between the stag night and the wedding day. The activities you decide on should also factor of setting a date or length of a bachelor party. You can do the usual beer crawl at anytime. It is not a seasonal thing. You can go to a strip club anywhere on any day.  So, the point is to decide on what you’ll be doing, when you’ll be doing it and how long it take you to recover.