Reasons Why Businesses Need Key Opinion Leaders to Thrive in New Markets

Sometimes businesses struggle to break through a market because of a myriad of reasons. Although competitiveness and dedication play a huge role in success, sometimes a business simply needs a popular person to be the face of their products. To make this happen, businesses rely on key opinion leader; to help them make their products or services stand out from the rest of the crowd. In a nutshell, “key opinion leaders” are basically well-known famous people that brands and corporations turn to in order to help them get their message across to their prospective clients.

For new companies and products, entering into a new market can be incredibly difficult especially in instances where there are older and stronger brands in place. To shake things up and make people recognize there is a new product in town, companies can use them to get their message across. With a key opinion leader in place, a business can be able to properly craft a message which can be used to alert a market to a new product while still keeping true to its brand references. Here are a few reasons a business needs these influences in a new market.

Proper Marketing Campaigns

For a new business, your first objective should be to get as many eyes on the new product or service as possible. To do this, you need a proper marketing campaign that can involve creating advertisements on television, social media and even posting up hard copy media such as newspapers and billboards. Although effective to a point, businesses need to go the extra mile which in this case involves getting a celebrity on board. With a celebrity being the face of your advertisements, you not only gain the prospective client’s attention, but you also make them curious enough to do some research on you. Also given the sheer number of ads running on television and social media every day, a company needs that edge to survive.

Competitive Advantages

The high-profile nature of celebrities makes them the ideal person to partner with especially in a new market. Their popularity assures the company being endorsed that their products will start flying off the shelves just because of this relationship. For example, when a tennis player or a pro golfer endorses a clothing brand, it’s expected that these products will soon start moving. In this case, having a celebrity who is constantly wearing your brand whenever they are on camera is fantastic because everyone looking at them will know the company is endorsed. Since most people also like dressing like their favorite celebrities, it’s not unusual to see people wearing the same style which is a big plus for your business.

Key Opinion Leader: A Recognizable Brand Is Priceless

When a new business is about to roll out, they will usually pull out all the stops in their marketing campaigns including heavy promotions on social media and the like. However, people don’t usually gravitate towards brands they don’t know that easily. However, you can leverage the celebrity status of the key opinion leaders as a form of clickbait to help direct traffic onto your new pages. Additionally, you can find that these celebrities also bring in their friends who can also be beneficial in spreading the good word about your company.

Although getting a celebrity to endorse a product is not cheap, its value is tremendous. To keep up with activity on your social media and other online sources such as the ecommerce shop, you can make use of simple yet powerful tools such as NetBase quid which should help in monitoring trends data, insight data, competitor activity and so much more. This way, you can be able to tell how much of an impact you are making and also fine-tune your marketing strategy.