Seven Key Factors that Influence Forex Currency Pairs

The exchange rate is influenced by several factors. As the Forex market is a very big field, several components have a significant impact on the market. So, people should know which components are responsible for the movements of the market. When an investor gains knowledge about the fundamental analysis of the market, he will understand how different news events change the direction of the market. Let’s learn about seven factors that have a significant impact on the market’s movement.

Inflation Rates

When the inflation rate changes, the value of the currency pair will also change. If a country has a lower inflation rate, the price of the financial instrument will increase. Investors should check the inflation rate of the country before investing the money in a particular currency. If inflation is low, the values of commodities will rise. If this is high, the price of commodities will decline. Higher inflation creates depreciation in the financial instruments’ value and lowering the inflation rate increases this.

Interest Rates

Changes in the interest rate of a country change the direction of the market. Generally, the central bank decides whether they will increase or decrease this. Sometimes, they do not change it at all. A higher interest rate increases the value of a currency. The price decreases when the interest is low. If it is stable then bullish or bearish any trend can emerge. High interest rates create a bullish trend and low interest rates create a bearish trend for the asset. Those who are new to fundamental analysis can read economic posts from a reputed broker. Visit the site of Saxo and keep yourself tuned in with the latest market events.

Country’s Present Account

If the exports of a nation are higher than the imports, the country will able to improve financially. The financial growth of the country will determine the demand for financial instruments. When the export is low, the foreign consumer will not feel any interest to invest money. Different types of countries are trying to grab the attention of foreign clients so that they can increase the demand. When the demand is high, the price will be high. Similarly, when the demand is low, the price will be low.

Unemployment Statistics

An unemployment problem is a big problem for the country. When most of the people of a nation are unemployed, they will not able to gain a foreign deposit. The government of the nation has a duty to ensure the employment of the citizen so that the citizens can lead a good life. This will also help to develop the country financially.

Political Stability

Political stability is a big issue for investors. The person should up to date with the country’s political conditions. If the political condition is good, traders will feel secure. On the other hand, when the situation is worse, investors will not feel interested. So, if a nation fails to control the political situation, it will lose foreign clients.


Sometimes, investors speculate that the price will rise, so they start to demand a particular currency. So, the value of the financial instruments automatically rises. That’s why most nations try to catch the eye of foreign clients so that they can reap the benefits.

Government Debt

Government debt leads to an increase the inflation rate. High inflation creates a bearish trend which is not beneficial to the investors. So, a country with high government debt fails to gain foreign capital.

So, before choosing a currency pair, investors should contemplate these factors. People are required to keep an economic calendar so that they become up to date with the latest news. If the person misses the news, it will hard for him to take the step properly. In this field, if you want to stay in the race, you have to always gather the necessary information.