Smart Casual Dress Code for Women

A number of variations have been opted when it comes to select clothes for women. These clothes include different types of clothes namely, smart casual jeans, tops, skirts, trousers and so on. Getting so much variety for women’s clothing is really an amazing thing one should admire.

The options of clothes available for ladies are easy to carry and make you comfortable without hesitation. But the most confusing that one woman goes through is how to pair up their clothes together to get the casual yet no so casual look.

It’s time to check out the mix match of the clothes that you can consider while wearing the dress you want with the complimented look.

Team up the tees with shorts 

Combine the top with a pair of ladies shorts either blue, black, or white, as these two colours are the most versatile ones when you want to team up any clothing. You can select either a soft and light colour top or can even choose to wear the vibrant and dark colour top. To get the complete look set it with a pair of sports shoes, sneakers, or tie-up flats sandals. Here you are ready for a casual outing with the desired attraction.

Pair the semi-casual trouser with the shirt

Semi-casual trousers are basically the ones which have some designs on them like checked or striped ones. These trousers come with cloth material belts to give you the smart look. Set these pair of trousers with shirts (if your trouser is dark colour wear a light colour shirt and vice versa). Twin this look with a pair of heels and get ready to party with your friends. This look is also suitable for office parties.

Match the top with smart casual jeans

Torn or ripped jeans are very much in trend. Though they are casual wear yet they give you the chic look when paired with any tee or top. Still confuse! Select a pair of ripped jeans and style it with a crop top. If you want you can opt for plain smart casual jeans as well. In both cases, you will get an attractive look. Pair it with shoes or heels, both will look fab.

Twin your t-shirt with a skirt

Skirts have their own style statement and can be made a part of casual wear as well. So grab your t-shirt and twin it with a pair of denim jeans along with the sneakers. This complete look is good to go if you are planning an outing or want to go shopping. Carry a backpack to add more glance to your attire.

The coordinators (co-ords)

Co-ords are basically a pair of clothes including the top wear and the bottom wear made with same print or texture. These co-ords are worn together to get a complete look. It is available in the form of a skirt and top, trousers and top and in some traditional wear too. They look awesome when you wear them and somewhat it gives you the relief of airing it with some clothing. You can team it up with sneakers or heels, depending on the type of co-ords you select.

Pair smart casual jeans, top and jacket

Pair your jeans with a semi-casual top say the ruffled one, and carry a long shrug or coat along with it. This casual look is perfect to be carried on during winters. Also, if you have a coat or shrug that is of thin material, you can use it in the summer season. Style up this look with a pair of heels or shoes, whatever you are comfortable in.

Twin your sweatshirts with shorts

Wearing the same cardigan or sweater gives you the same look every time you wear it. So, get the chance to grab the sweatshirts and twin them with a pair of ladies shorts. You can either wear this attire with a pair of shoes or can choose to wear ankle-length boots. If want can wear stockings underneath your shorts. This is good to go attire during the early winter times.

Match up the floral print dress with a denim jacket

Floral prints are always in trend, the soft and vibrant color combination used on the dress gives it a pleasant look. The best part is that you can team it with a denim jacket along with wearing a pair of shoes or even sandals. This flowery look makes you feel fresh and compliments pretty well. This summer-ready dress will be a head-turner with not so casual look.

Not so casual jumpsuits

Many people must be fond of jumpsuits, but sometimes it bothers them to whether to wear them casually or formally. Being semi-casual wear, jumpsuits can be worn as both casual and formal. But yet the print and embellishment play an important role to differentiate it. For a casual look select the boho printed or floral printed jumpsuits for the best. You can also opt for the striped one as they have their own style. Pair them with flip-flops or ballerina.

Pair the dungarees with tee/top

Dungarees, also known as jumpers can also be selected to wear when you want to carry a casual yet awesome look. You can wear them with both tees and top to get the desired look. Choose a simple crop tee to wear underneath to get the casual attire. If you want some variation you can pair it with a balloon sleeves top to get a more attractive look. Can match it up with shoes or mules.

Casual dress is not actually casual not but more comfortable than any other wear. You can wear it while going shopping, outing with friends, visiting a café, while traveling, or others. Casual wear has no limit to get carried only for any outing purpose but can also be carried in the office. To be more specific they are called business casual wear and can be a great choice to wear at the office and office parties or dinners.