The Health Issues of the French Bulldogs and the Cures

The French Pug is the typical breed of dog for the family: besides being nice, it is sweet, affectionate, very attached to its owner (it becomes its shadow), playful, suitable for children; he is a bit stubborn and stubborn, stubborn until he gets what he wants, but the important thing is not to give in and not to spoil him as it would be almost spontaneous to do because they are kidnapped by their tender face. It is always important to guarantee him his daily walks (even if he is a rather lazy dog), but he adapts very well to apartment life.

Does He Need Special Care Or Are There Diseases He Is More Prone To?

The Frenchie Dog does not require special daily care, but it can present some disorders, if not real pathologies, for which it is important to contact your veterinarian. One of these is the respiratory disorders that the dog can experience. This breed is one of the brachycephalic dogs, that is, it has a rather “compact” head, the muzzle is not elongated but flattened; these animals are subject to the so-called ” brachycephalic syndrome”, characterized by morphological anomalies of the upper respiratory tract: stenosis of the nostrils, hypertrophy of the turbinates, elongation of the soft palate, macroglossia.

  • These anatomical features cause a narrowing of the airways thus making the passage of air difficult for the French Bulldog; moreover, the greater respiratory effort that is created also determines an increase in pressure inside the airways with consequent laryngeal, tracheal and bronchial collapse, aggravating the picture even more.
  • In less severe cases the brachycephalic syndrome translates symptomatologically only with a respiratory noise (the classic ” snoring”), But in the most serious situations there can be a real hunger for air up to syncope, not to even get to death. It may therefore be easy to hear your dog snoring, and it does not necessarily have to be taken as an alarming signal, but at the same time it is important not to underestimate it if it is constant, especially if you add to this other particular attitudes: spreading the forelimbs during breathing, open mouth breathing even when at rest, exercise intolerance, pale or cyanotic mucous membranes.

In this case it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately to carry out more in-depth examinations and act accordingly (in the most important cases, surgery is required).not all subjects necessarily develop this pathology.

In any case, some important precautions are to be considered:

Heat and humidity make breathing even more difficult, so especially in summer it is important to take the dog for a walk in the coolest hours of the day; also pay attention to heat stroke to which the bulldog is easily exposed. Even weight gain may not help, so a healthy and balanced diet without exceeding the doses and regular physical activity is important (walks and play are more than enough).