Things to Check While Transporting Your Horses

If you need to send your horses to a different place or country, then you can use any transport services for shipping them? Whether the horses will feel comfortable making a long journey on a trailer? Will there be any health issues?

We are therefore providing in this article a few checklists that you must comply with if you are planning to ship your horses through a trailer service.

Ship a Car, Inc. can help you provide you horse trailer shipping service to any location within or outside the country. They will ask you to prepare your trailer carefully for transporting your horse.

The following key safety elements will also be checked by their driver before  proceeding:

  • Their tires are in proper condition and also inflated to proper pressure.
  • All lights are functioning.
  • Doors are fully secure and closed.
  • They also check to see whether there is any visual sign of problems.

The following are the checklist for safe transporting of your horses by road

How to Ship Your Car Across Country When You Are Moving

1.     Ensure that your horses had proper health checkup and are up-to-date on vaccines

Avoid taking your sick horses for a long travel. Only a healthy horse will withstand all the fatigue and stress involved during the long-distance trip.

2.     Plan for regular breaks on the route

You must plan to stop during the trip after every 4 to 6 hours for a minimum of half an hour. Take your time to check on your horse for any signs of discomfort or stress, and ensure water and hay for them.

3.     Provide access to drinking water

Horses must have access to water while they are transported to prevent any dehydration and overheating. Bring a water tank from home that should last the whole trip (including breaks).

If you cannot bring so much water while transporting your horses by road then offer your horse flavored water for a week before the trip.

4.     Prepare their gut by using probiotics

Horses may have stress during travel and hence can upset their digestive system. This can disbalance their flora inside the gut of the horse. So, use probiotics a few days before the travel, so that they can support a proper intestinal balance.

5.     Ensure adequate ventilation

You must provide steady fresh air in the trailer so that horses remain cool, comfortable, and breathe easily. Any adequately ventilated trailer will not invite any disease.

6.     Leave enough room for the horse for dropping its head

Avoid tying the head of your horse too tight, then it will have trouble coughing to clear the dust from its lungs.

7.     Secure every item in your trailer

Tie-down all buckets, containers, riding gears, first aid kits, or any other objects present in the trailer that might slide loose and also collide with the horse.

8.     For reducing muscle fatigue consider rumber flooring

Rumber flooring was designed for replacing the old trailer flooring style. Since rumber flooring will be able to absorb tension while traveling, horses will experience less amount of stress on their muscles.