Using Plastic Food Containers the Right Way To Prolong Its Lifespan

Whether you are on a mission to minimize the waste generated from food or you are simply inclined on storing the cooked food properly, the reusable plastic food container can pull off the job professionally. However, certain food containers are not only safer but also environment-friendly and take care of your health.

When thinking to store food in a plastic food container (กล่องพลาสติกใส่อาหาร, which is the term in Thai), there are certain things that you must do to extend its lifecycle.

Know The Code of the Plastic Containers

Right at the base of the containers, you would come across a small triangle with the number varying from 1-7. This number determines what the plastic of the container is made up of. The safest food container plastics come with label number 1, number 2, number 4, and number 5. Avoid buying plastic containers with labels number 3, number 6, and number 7.

While number 3 includes vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, number 6 includes polystyrene and number 7 includes multiple plastics like Bisphenol.

Store the Containers in a Cool Place

Though polycarbonate plastics are known to be durable and have a longer shelf-life, they can break down over the years due to extreme temperature and overusing. Stop using plastic containers to microwave your foods. It is never wise to microwave food in carryout containers from the restaurant and margarine tubs as well. Also, avoid putting plastic containers inside the dishwasher.

Do Not Keep the Plastic Containers in Contact with The Hot Water

You can render a stain-free and germ-free finish to plastic containers when you wash them with the help of hot water. However, washing the plastic contains with hot water or even the hot water storage in plastic containers is never wise. 

Recycle Appropriately

As per the EPA or Environment Protection Agency, the plastic containers recycled by the Americans were only 8%. This can result in greenhouse gas emissions, and bring about an impact on the environment’s health.

Consider Aluminimum-Wrapping of Food Before Storage

You can consider wrapping the food inside aluminum foil before you store it in plastic containers. This will help you to avoid bringing the food in contact with the chemicals. You can utilize these containers to dry chips and snacks.

Hopefully, now your doubts will be cleared on plastic containers. These ways will help you to use them safely besides helping them to have a longer lifespan. Choose a plastic food container smartly and restrict their usage to cold food storage. The plastic food containers can also be used for food transportation. Always take into consideration stainless steel containers and glass containers to store hot and cold foods.