Wayfarer Sunglasses: How to Style Them?

It is important to remember that Wayfarer explains someone who enjoys traveling long distances on foot. Nowadays, these frames and types of shades are among the most popular and best-selling eyewear styles in the world.

A few decades ago, they became obsolete, but their popularity revived due to numerous reasons. Everything started in 1956 when Raymond Stegeman invented them to answer traditional aviator metal frames that were sturdy and heavyweight.

Of course, he worked for the same company that created aviators or Bausch & Lomb’s Ray-Ban brand.

How to Wear Wayfarers Properly?

This shape is one of the most versatile options because it works for most face shapes. However, it is not suitable for every single person, which is something you should remember beforehand.

Everything depends on your head’s size and face shape, but generally, Wayfarers are the most popular options that will complement your appearance.

They come from a thick plastic that is bolder than other options. That is the main reason why they are not suitable for people that have small faces.

On the other hand, everything depends on your face shape, but generally, they can match with almost any option, including elliptical, rectangular, heart, and round shapes.

They come with black plastic frames to offer you a casual perspective depending on your style. Of course, you can style them based on your preferences, which means you can use them while wearing formal and upscale appearances.

In the past, black was the only and original colour used. The main idea that most people think is that wayfarers can go with any colour, which is not valid in general. Black can be harsh for some skin tones, which is something you should remember.

Therefore, if you have a medium or fair skin tone, we recommend avoiding completely black options. On the other hand, deep skin tones will offer you with less contrast, which will boost your overall appearance.

Generally, you can wear them in either classic or casual outfits and choose either flashy or coloured options that will provide you with a bold and distinctive look.

In case you are wearing business attire or outfit, we recommend you choose black options to complement your appearance. Remember that it is a timeless option to achieve peace of mind when it comes to classic appearance.

However, you should avoid wearing the black option with other drastic colours. Generally, they are highly versatile sunglasses, which means you can wear them while going for a walk with a t-shirt and jeans or while being at the beach.Before checking out Tom Ford Sunglasses or similar brands, you should check out the best options that will help you make up your mind with ease.

The main advantage of Wayfarers compared with wrap-around options is that you can match them with a wide array of clothing styles, which is essential to remember.

We recommend you to find different pairs with versatile colour frames and choose different ones based on an appearance you wish to achieve. You can find colours in yellow, green, blue, red, tortoiseshell, and white colours.