What are loaded dice, and how to make them yourself?

In this article, we are going to discuss what loaded dice are and how to make them yourself at home.Also, we will talk about how you can use them for cheating in a game without getting caught.

What are loaded dice?

Loaded dices are those which are used for cheating in a game of roulette so that the user can win.This is a kind of cheating that is not easily detectable when someone uses them.The only thing is that you will need to sneak them in to save them from the ant-cheat device.

If the anti-cheat device scans the dice, then it might find something wrong and trip the alarm.Loaded dice are loaded in a place where you need them to land.This will always make sure that the dice lands where you have filled them.

Loaded dices are usually used in the lower league games as in the higher, only the casino are allowed.That is, the casinos are allowed to provide the different equipment, and each is tested before use. you can buy them on this link.

You can make a cheating dice by either loading it, filling it with magnet and iron, or cutting it.Mostly the people fill the number 4 or the number 5 to make it less obvious.

How can you use these loaded dice?

It is a very simple process to use this device. You will just have to replace them with the original dice.After that process is done nicely, then you can proceed towards the table where the dice is going.Then you will have to take a seat at that table and place the entering bet to play.

Then you have to remember the number that you have filled up.After you start the game, you will have to put money on some random number.To make it look not suspicious at all that a player comes and sits down and starts winning.

After losing some money, you can now bet on the number that you filled to earn more money.After you have won several times, it is advisable that you stop and leave the game and secretly replace the dice.

How to fill these dices?

Here is the list of steps you can use to fill the number or side that you want.

  • You will have to bring a power drill, small gauge, super glue, paint, and dice weighing load.
  • You should load two sides of the dice randomly so that it looks less suspicious.
  • Then you will have to take the power drill and drill the part where there is the black part for the number.
  • Then you can put in the weighing load in the hole that you have made and also smooth it with the drill.
  • Then you have to apply super glue to the weight to make it stay there.
  • Then you will have to paint the same colour as the other side of the hole that you have made.
  • Then you have to let it dry and use them.