Industrial Fume Extractors

What are the harmful effects of laser cutting?

Laser cutting has been in existence since 1965. Many industries have used it for cutting stuff ranging from woods to diamonds. Since the application carries on to be utilized for lots of industrial uses, it is getting popular in small enterprises, schools, and many.

Cutting allows for exact measurements and for users to achieve the correct size they require. However, the procedure could be damaging to a person’s wellbeing as well due to the detrimental fumes released. It is intended to be even more detrimental if workplaces do not have the obligatory air filter units in position. Keep reading to know about laser cutting and laser fume extractors.

More about laser cutting

The laser cutting procedure entails the use of computer-based design for assisting with the cutting procedure for exactness. The procedure has progressed after it was initially utilized for cutting diamonds. During the early 1970s, CO2 lasers were launched that made it simpler to cut materials that weren’t metal like fabrics. Following are the three common laser types that have been in existence since the 1970s:

  1. CO2 lasers
  2. Nd and Nd-YAG
  3. Fiber lasers

The most common laser types are the CO2 lasers due to the flexibility it offers. These machineries could cut or carve titanium, wood, steel, plastic, stainless steel, etc.

Side effects of cutting

Smoke that is produced from laser cutting is a complex blend. One can experience countless fume effects of constant exposure to it. Eyes, throat, and nose irritation is the most common side effect. Moreover, metal fume fever related to zinc fumes is one more common issue for anybody exposed to these vapours. Muscle aches, coughing, chills, and headache are a few signs of metal fume fever.

 Those coming in regular contact with metal smoke tend to get illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. Injured lungs are easier for contaminants to transmit a disease to. An elongated contact could lead to fibrotic lung disease too. It takes place while the lungs are hurt repeatedly over a while.

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Apart from lungs, metal fumes can cause cardiovascular disease as well. Those working in welding and plasma and laser cutting occupations have a greater risk of heart attacks, coronary artery, and strokes as they often come in contact with smoke and fumes.

How to handle this situation?

In order to handle the dangerous and detrimental laser fumes, the workplace must install laser fume extractors.