What has information about my account or any transaction been made through the platform?

Everything is encrypted from standard Internet data links; please be advised that everything passes through our secure servers, which are backed by military-grade encryption systems. All information sent to or from Coin Casino is encrypted, which means we offer you complete security and privacy when using Coin Casino. Moreover, we do not keep any personal information on your account. This includes details such as account balance and any transactions you have requested to perform.

Where to play Coin Casino?

Coin Casino is a global platform to play from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be a 코인카지노 user and have an account there; you can deposit and play from any other casino offering cryptocurrencies. However, suppose you want to play using your cryptocurrency. In that case, you should use Coin Casino because most other casinos don’t accept cryptocurrencies as deposit methods. When using Coin Casino, you have to keep in mind that there are multiple currencies and tokens available. On Coin Casino, the amount of cryptocurrencies that can be deposited and withdrawn is limited. 

How are my funds safe on the platform?

Coin Casino offers 100% security. All transactions of funds are made directly with our company’s wallet, and we never have access to our users’ personal information at any time. The online redirection system allows us to protect your money against illegal activities by keeping it offline for an extended period. 

How long is the withdrawal of money processed?

The funds are processed as soon as possible, but in some cases, when you have to wait for a more extended period, Coin Casino ensures your funds are safe, and they will be returned at the end of the waiting period. We ensure that all transaction is done only if you deposit money on our website.