What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Lily?

Lilies are a mainstay for ornamental plant lovers planted in the yard. The very striking color of them can spoil the eyes of anyone who looks at it. Lilium is another form of Leirion which has been famous since Ancient Greece. The Lilium belongs to one of the Liliaceae family or tribe’s genera. They come from temperate regions, namely Northern Europe, North America, and Japan. The Leirion is also an herbaceous plant with layered bulbs that range from 0.5 to 1.8 m in height.

The beauty of the flower has been famous for a long time. In addition to the beautiful flowers, the flowers’ fragrant aroma makes them even more popular. Liliums are the right choice if you want to give a gift to your friend or lover, but most importantly, you have to get to know the meaning of it. If your friend or lover asks you why you choose them over others, you can give the right answer. Apart from the common meaning of Liliums, there is also a spiritual meaning in them. Before that, it’s a good idea to get to know the history of its birth.

In ancient Greece 1580 BC, a lily picture was found in a villa in Kret. These magnificent flowers have long been recognized in ancient mythology. According to ancient Greek myth, the origin of the birth of Lilium is when the god Zeus fell in love with an Earth woman named Alceme and gave birth to a son who was named Hercules. However, the god Zeus wanted Hercules to become a complete God. So, Hercules was brought to heaven to be breastfed by Hera, Zeus’s wife.

This caused Hera’s milk to gush up into the heavens and the Earth. The milk that gushed into the sky turned into a star called the Milky Way Galaxy, while the milk that gushed towards Earth turned into the first Leirion that grew on Earth. Therefore, this Lilium origin, which was born from the milk of the goddess Hera, is considered a symbol of purity, motherhood, and rebirth.

They have different spiritual meanings, among other types of flowers. However, in general, the spiritual meaning is considered a symbol of devotion, purity, and commitment. As for the Babylonians, they were believed to be the goddess of fertility.

The lily is a symbol of virtue, purity, and beauty. Even in ancient Greece, they were a symbol of pure death. The Lilium will be laid into the tomb of an innocent newborn. On the other hand, it is believed to be a marriage protector. In wedding rituals, they are used as the crown of the bride’s head.

As in China, it is widely used at weddings because it is believed to be a symbol of eternal love in their culture. The Chinese believe that they can maintain a marriage and bring love to a couple for 100 years. This is what makes them a popular choice for weddings. In hand lily bouquets, they are also used as decoration of the wedding hall.

In China, they are believed to bring good luck to the recipient. Liliums are often gifted to women on their birthdays or their wedding day. This is because the lilies symbolize the boy bearer. Traditionally, Chinese culture favors boys in the family – although that value changes with each generation.

In the Victorian Era, they were believed to be a Victorian depiction of love and passion for lovers. Especially the orange Lilium flower means happiness and warmth. This is inversely proportional to orange lilies’ general meaning, which means hatred, lies, pride, and humiliation.

Then in European folklore, the Leirion that grows in the valley is believed to be the garden’s protector from evil spirits. The plant-protecting fairy is believed to live in this trumpet-shaped flower.

Since the beginning of Christian history, the lily itself has been a symbol of purity and purification. Christians believe that the Lilium is the flower that the Angel Gabriel always carries in every religious painting. In the Bible, it is said to be a lily that grows from the tears and blood of Jesus during the crucifixion process. This flower symbolizes Our Lady’s holiness and the trumpet used by the angel Gabriel to signify that Christ has risen. That is the origin of why the lily is often referred to as a symbol of the holiness and resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians.

Buddhists and Hindus believe the tiger lily represents compassion and compassion. Meanwhile, water lilies and lotus are considered symbols of purity and enlightenment.

Many people choose Liliums to suitably represent their feelings based on the color of the flower as a gift. White lilies have the meaning of sincerity, nobility, devotion, sympathy, and new life. This flower is suitable for funeral flowers. Meanwhile, Yellow Lilium flowers are suitable to be given as a sign of friendship. However, if you give yellow lilies excessively, this flower will represent depression or falsehood feelings. To congratulate you on the launch of your friend’s business, Red Lilies are the way to go. Because red lilies mean abundant prosperity and wealth. However, the Orange Lilium has a more negative meaning than the others, namely hatred, humiliation, and lies.

When you want to gift flowers to your loved ones, it’s a good idea to know what the flowers mean first. Make sure the flowers you give are suitable in representing your feelings. A lily bouquet can be given on various occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.

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