What Should You Know About Paper Napkins

The production of paper napkins is a complex process. For this, cellulose (fibers) of wood is used. To begin with, the logs are cleaned, steamed, then crushed, heated, and bleached. The fibers are pressed and dried. Further, using a special mixer, mousse is made from the resulting raw materials. After going through several more processing stages, the fibers turn into thin and pleasant to the touch napkins.

However, the napkins can also be of different colors and patterns. For this, special polymer stamps are used. As a result, you get wonderful and colorful custom napkins that can be a nice addition to every event.

Types of Napkins

Nowadays, there are various napkins for different needs. We can distinguish the following types:

  • for table setting;
  • hygienic;
  • for cleaning furniture, glass, and mirrors;
  • cosmetic;
  • care of surfaces in car interiors;
  • for wet cleaning of floors.

Mode of application

No celebration goes by without the use of napkins. Also, no cafe or restaurant can do without this attribute. Nowadays, there can be two-layer or three-layer napkins of different colors, with or without prints.

Promotional napkins

In our time, the usual types of advertising are no longer as effective as before. Therefore, the business moves on and people come up with alternative options for promoting their brand. For this, branded napkins come to the rescue.

Every day people come across unobtrusive ads in the form of napkins with logos and do not always notice it. However, this type of advertising continues to work for you 24/7, because it is in the client’s field of vision for a long time (in cafes, restaurants, at events, etc).

Also, this type of promotion will last longer than leaflets. Of course, we are not talking about sanitary napkins (although these are also used), but about products used as a backing tablecloth on which a hot dish is placed.

Benefits of using napkins for advertising

  • bright images attract attention better than brochures;
  • the client is in close contact with such advertising for a long time;
  • the cost of such advertising is lower than other types of promotion;
  • if the information seemed useful to the client, he can pick up a paper napkin instead of a brochure;
  • you will not need employees to distribute the advertisements.

As you can see, paper napkins can do a great job and help you promote your business and make your brand more recognizable. Therefore, such small advertising gimmicks should not be neglected, as they have recently become more effective and less expensive than large-scale advertising campaigns. In any case, it is worth trying this method to make sure it works.