What to do Next When You Find your Security Cameras Getting Hacked?

Security cameras or CCTV cameras are a set of video surveillance devices that are installed in homes, offices, or places of public presence to keep track of movement and monitor all minute details remotely. These cameras are connected in such a manner that they broadcast the recording only on a certain set of monitors and can be observed without getting noticed or remotely. Modern technology has given access to hackers to hack even these highly secure systems and promote scams. But here is a set of tips that can help you prevent the hacking of your security cameras.

Use Strong Passwords

Security cameras come with an inbuilt password setting. This password should be strong and unique to keep the security intact. Also, apart from certain people like the administrator, only a few people should have access to those recordings. Hackers nowadays have devised various ways of hacking into these systems and stealing important information so security checks are very important. 

Constantly Updating Firmware

Modern security camera companies install permanent firmware into the camera system. The versions of this firmware are constantly updated and the concerned organization should too constantly update this firmware to get the best quality of coverage while preventing security breaches.

Provide a Dedicated Network

Arranging for a specially dedicated network for your security system which is not connected to the main information network is another way of preventing hacks. In this manner, even if the security system is compromised, none of the crucial information is under threat.

Constantly Updating the Operating System

All digital devices and systems work on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and many more. These operating systems release newer and updated versions all the time. Hence, updating your operating system is very important to have access to all sorts of modern security methods.

Encrypt Crucial Data

Encrypting is a process of protecting the data where all transmission lines are password protected and can only be accessed with the right code. Hence, strong encryption codes should be ascertained on the data to prevent hacking.

Equipment Should Be Well-Protected

Physical protection of the camera system should be done. It should be placed in secret places and must be prevented from theft and damage. Strict surveillance should be maintained. 

To keep an organization safe, the security systems should always be checked and any sort of damage should be instantly reported to the service provider.