What you need to know about oocyte freezing

Why is age so important?

A girl of 29 freezes a lot of eggs to have enough time to find the perfect partner. And she has that time, because at 29 you can take more than 15 eggs of high quality, most of which can be fertilized and placed in the uterine cavity for normal development. But a woman who is over 35 years old should take this issue very seriously. The fact is that after the age of 35 both the number and quality of eggs withdrawn drops dramatically, which means that the woman has one or two chances to have a baby. This limited number seriously reduces the desire to experiment. At 35-40, a woman should already understand out of her 10 eggs, only 1 is likely to take root, and this requires a serious choice of partner for conception and the clinic where IVF (artificial insemination, the natural outcome of egg freezing) will be performed.

How many eggs do I need to freeze?

The more oocytes you save now, the more children you can have in the future. On average, women only need 1-2 cycles of hormone therapy and subsequent freezing, but they are time consuming and expensive.

The number of eggs that will eventually be frozen depends on many factors: a woman’s age, the number of children she wants to have in the future, and her time and financial reserves.

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One patient at a U.S. fertility clinic wanted to freeze more than 40 eggs. She was 33 years old at the time, and the necessary procedures took five cycles, which in total took more than 10 months. As the patient admits, she thought oocyte freezing was quick and easy, but it turned out to take time and patience to get there.

How many cycles can I pay for?

This is an important question. For example, in the United States alone, one cycle can cost up to $25,000. It is possible to reduce this amount using loans or medical programs.

In Ukraine, it is somewhat more difficult, but there is a possibility to use auxiliary resources. But it is still better to rely on your own finances, and it is important to realize that this is what limits the number of successful eggs freezing attempts. On average, you can get about 10 eggs per cycle that are healthy and ready to fertilize. This will yield 1-2 pregnancy attempts if the woman is young enough and her oocytes are of proper quality.