Which are the Best Maid Promotion in the Market?

If you are living in Singapore and have decided that you want to keep a maid, then it is made compulsory by the MOM (Ministry Of Manpower) that if you live in Singapore and you are ordering the service of the maid that come from any other countries to work in Singapore, then you should have an insurance policy ready under their name already registered and signed by you and approved by the company.

However, there are few families in Singapore that are aware of this rule, so there are several maid insurance promotion that is currently being going on in the Singapore market so that they come to know that it is a compulsory rule and has to be followed by everyone who has ordered for these services from a maid either living in Singapore or any other country.

Maid insurance has many benefits, and it can be used to save you from any unexpected and also an emergency expense that occurs when you are dealing with maid services as sometimes the maid which come and work fulltime at your house might get sick due to any disease or they might get hurt by anything so you will need to have an insurance policy so that you can withdraw the money from the policy if you want to pay for the expenses that have occurred at the hospital and also the medical expenses that will come.

Basically, some maid insurance provides you also with critical illness insurance and also the main thing is that you have to pay only some amount of extra money if you want to avail the critical illness cover also and the main thing about this cover is that if any disease hits the maid, then she will have the cover of money to pay it fully.

Bedsides all the promotion that is going on in the market, all the policy seller companies and also the people who are the salesman of the policy do not talk about this policy much. As they consider that a maid is not responsible and they have thought that if the maid is feeling uneasy or is experiencing severe pain, then they should stay at home. And do not come to work as all the blame would be put up on the employer of the maid. Like they did not take proper care and called me to work while knowing my condition.

Factor to look out for a while taking maid insurance

  •  Outpatient expense

You have to look for an outpatient expense coverage in whichever policy you are taking as if your maid is not a Singapore citizen then this policy will cover any expenses that occur to the maid in the hospital.

  •  Security bond

You will have to look for a security bond in the company’s rules as this will be things which will make sure that the provider of the loan is legit and this bond will be given to MOM who will make sure that even if the company is a fraud you will get the amount of money invested by you in the policy back.

  •  Cancellation refund

You will have to look for this factor in your policy as this ensures that you will be given back the amount invested by you in the policy directly through the company to your bank account if you have decided to cancel the policy, but you will be charged some fee for this process.

  •  Home cover

You will have to look for home cover as many maids might tend to steal stuff from your home or they even might do several things that may break the things which are costly so you can cope up with these losses.

  •  Wage coverage

This type of factor will ensure that your maid will get their monthly fee on time even if you are unable to pay them the amount that you have promised to give them as their monthly fee and now you cannot afford it for some reason.

  •  Maid replacement

You will have to ensure that you take this factor in mind as when you current maid leaves their job then you will have to pay money here, and there to employer’s so that they will find a maid that is best suitable for you according to your household rules and also your regulations.

List of companies that are best in promotion of maid insurance

  • HLAS insurance

HLAS maid protects 360 is a good choice for all the investors who are looking to buy the best kind of insurance policy which will cover about all the expenses that come when you have finally appointed a maid and also at the time when she is leaving.

  • MSIG

MSIG maid plus is not the cheapest policy which you can find in the market, but MSIG, unlike its other policies, charges higher price on this policy as it gives coverage more than required on all the conditions that should be met by the insurance policy.

  • TIQ

TIQ’s e maid protection insurance policy is one of the cheapest one available in the market, and also it covers about only the required amount of policy to have not any extra money to be given for other reasons.

  • FWD

This company offers maid insurance which is affordable by almost anyone who comes and buy’s it from their website or even their local office, but in this company, you can customize the amount as well as the terms of the insurance policy according to your liking.

  • Etiqa

This is another one of the companies which provided the best insurance policy buy the one thing that is missing in their policy is the security bond and also the medical expenses which is a must in the insurance field to keep a maid on work at either your household or at your office and this thing to take an insurance policy has been told to everyone to take by the government of Singapore.