The question of who is a back pain doctor may sound too literal to a random individual who just gives literal meaning to words just the way it comes to them. They may say are they not doctors that take care of pains that occur around the back region, and as simple as that sound it gives us a glimpse into what the role or the job of a back pain doctor is, however, beyond that there are a lot of things to know about who a back pain doctor is because there is severally specialist that can take care of the back from a general application perspective which most of the time does not mean they are doctors. Therapists, who are most of the time skilled with physical or psychological ways of treating some types of back pains also treat back pains even though they are specialists in that area does not mean they are doctors, not talk of being back pain doctors. However, a back pain specialist can refer you to a therapist after listening to and knowing about the nature of your back pain. All these experts in their various fields work together to ensure that pain is reduced for every patient that is experiencing any pain in their back.

A doctor is said to be a back pain doctor or specialist when they have received training that goes beyond the general knowledge that is available to all medical students. They are knowledgeable about the region of the back which means they have expertise and experience in diagnosing the cause of such back pain and can prescribe the necessary treatment that is required to take care of the pain. Some of these prescribed treatments involve the usage of medications, while some will require the back pain doctor to refer you to a physical therapist and some extreme cases of back pain can require surgery to get them taken care of. A physiatrist is a primary doctor that takes care of back pain.

Therefore, it is safe to refer to a back pain doctor as a physiatrist as their primary preoccupation is fully placed on diagnosis of back pain and providing non-surgical treatment of the musculoskeletal which means muscle and bone problems, so they have more knowledge of that area and can tell what a patient needs when it comes to treating a back pain maybe it is medications, a therapist, or a surgeon.