All homeowners must know about soapstone countertops

Contemporary homeowners are open to the idea of trying new materials and ideas, and if you are one of them, you should definitely consider soapstone countertops for your home. Natural stones have a charm that’s hard to replicate, and soapstone stands out for the right reasons. For many people, the basic reason is to think beyond the standard options of granite, marble and quartz. If you are in Montreal, you can check for soapstone countertops with manufacturers like Granite au Somme. In this post, we are sharing basic things that every homeowner must know about soapstone countertops. 

Knowing soapstone countertops

For the unversed, soapstone is a metamorphic rock, which contains dolomite, talc, and magnesium. Most of the counters are made with soapstone that has a low talc content. Compared to granite, soapstone feels much more natural and softer to touch. If you are a fan of uniqueness, you will actually love soapstone because no two slices are ever the same. What also makes this a great countertop material is the range of choices. You can find all sorts of shades, colors, and designs to choose from, although white, pale gray and charcoal gray are most commonly preferred choices. 

Is soapstone durable?

If you compare soapstone with granite, it is not as hard, but that doesn’t mean that the material will easily crack. It is considered among the best materials for kitchen, primarily because soapstone is heat resistant, and in that department, it works better than granite, and even quartz. When compared to marble, soapstone is acid resistant, which again comes in handy for kitchen needs. Unlike marble, soapstone doesn’t stain easily. On the flip side, soapstone is prone to scratches, which makes it important to use a cutting or chopping board, if the material is being used for the kitchen. 

Find a good vendor

Ensure that you find a good and reliable vendor for your soapstone order, and before you take the call on using this as a countertop material, do check for samples. Many people just prefer one kind of natural stone over the other, and it all comes down to your personal preferences, interior needs, and budget. If you are working with a vendor, ensure that you have an estimate in advance

In case you are not sure of whether soapstone is a good choice for your home, you best bet would be to be talk to interior experts. Most countertop manufacturer have an in-house team of designers for help.