All Process of Floor Planning Now Comes Easy

At the time of signing the contract, the final construction floor plans as well as the site floor plan may not be available for consultation. These building floor plans are the normal floor planning tools used by the contractor to build a new home.

Thus, when entering into an agreement with you, the contractor’s representative may only have a brochure containing the floor plans, the contractor’s floor plan, the model designation or number, the general specifications. As well as the official designation of the land, although none of these documents constitute, strictly speaking, a construction floor plan. For that selecting a Floor plan creator is important.

What you need to do

Before the start of the work, you must make sure to review the construction floor plan and the specifications and then approve them. The contractor’s representative will have to explain the details of all construction floor plans to you.

The construction floor plans, the site floor plan and the specifications constitute essential elements of the contract. These documents accurately describe the design of your home as well as the construction methods and materials used. Go through these documents carefully so that you fully understand the scope of your purchase. Using Foyr Neo is perfect in this case.

The Site Floor Plan

The orientation and location of your new home on the site are shown, to scale, on a site floor plan. This floor plan defines the distance of the construction from the front, rear and side limits of the property, and positions it in accordance with municipal regulations governing setbacks. The location of the easements, if any, is indicated with the detail of the slope of the land.

Your home must be built in accordance with municipal regulations and respect the percentage of land occupation and setbacks. If this is not the case, an exemption must be obtained before the start of the work, which could cause additional costs as well as some delays.

What the contractor should do

The contractor must ask a land surveyor to produce a certificate of location confirming that the construction actually complies with the regulations before the mortgage advances can be released. The slope of the land should also be carefully floor planned to facilitate the flow of runoff and prevent moisture problems in the basement. The slope floor plan also helps to determine a number of other factors such as the placement of basement window wells and retaining walls, the design of the steps and the profile of the land after the landscaping work.

Construction Floor Plans

Construction floor plans are like a road map leading to the construction of your new home. These two-dimensional graphics to scale are used for several purposes. For example, the contractor must submit a set of these floor plans to obtain a building permit from the municipality. Other sets of floor plans will allow suppliers to determine the quantities of materials needed, while specialists in various construction trades will use the data shown on these floor plans to perform the work as required.

Façade floor plans are detailed floor plans to scale of the roof and exterior walls. They represent the front, rear and side facades of your home and they also define the location and nature of the floor planned exterior cladding.