Finding the Best Furniture for the Dining Room – What are the Trending Options? 

Every house speaks a specific language – it could be the old world charm, the contemporary feel, the countryside charm, and even the rustic barn look. What do you think can recreate these looks without much effort? Well, if you guessed it’s furniture, then you are right. In this guide we will be specifically taking you through some exquisite dining room furniture items available at the Mobilart salle a manger website. Let’s have a look. 

  1. The Verona Round Table

Like the rustic feel of wood? If yes, bring home this Italian beauty, the Verona Round Table. It will make your dining room 10 times better and classy than it presently is. Some of its features that’ll steal all your attention are as follows. 

  1. The edges are embellished and carved. 
  2. The table has a walnut finish with some hints of golden here and some shades of walnut there. 
  3. It has a designer central base. 


  1. The Vienna Rectangular Double Pedestal Dining Table

You need to break up with substandard furniture in your dining room since the Vienna Rectangular Double Pedestal dining table is nothing but pure elegance. It’s a beauty that should take the central point. A chandelier hanging on top will add a mesmerising touch of grace. 

Now the USPs of this dining table – they’re listed below. Have a look. 

  1. This all-wood table has a rich walnut finish. 
  2. It has carved edges in golden color that makes a stellar contact with the brown color of walnut. 
  3. The base is sculpted and as the name suggests, this table rests on two pedestals. 


  1. The Melody Round-oval Dining Table

Recreate the classic old world charm of the contemporary era by bringing home this stunning dining table. It has an elegant simplicity that is its uniqueness. Some stunning features that can steal your heart and make you actually buy this one are as follows. 

  1. It has a pickled mahogany finish that looks very elegant. 
  2. It rests on 6 brass legs that create a beautiful contrast with the pastel hue of the tabletop. 
  3. It has 3 extension panels.
  4. The table has a maximum length of 124″.


  1. The Affinity Dining Table

Looking for something that’s modern with a slight addition of contemporary charm? Take home the Affinity Dining Table and you won’t regret the choice. 

  1. The tabletop is rounded and features a black glass finish. 
  2. The pedestal has golden fan-like stripes that run all the way to the base. 

To sum up, if you want to invest your money in furniture that’ll do justice to the beauty of your house, then the 4 options listed above will definitely mesmerise you.