Hiring indoor plants for office

Are you planning to add beautiful and vibrant plants to your office to boost the aesthetic appeal? The looks of an office building can influence the customer’s view of the brand a lot. A nice smelling office with indoor plants is much more appealing than an office with dirty rugs and unclean carpets. To improve the aesthetic of your office, you must not only focus on the plants but also the general sanitation practices. If your firm is based in Penang, you can check out floor mat service Penang.

Aside from the general cleanliness of the office, the other factor which would make the environment warmer, more welcoming and increase the productivity of your staff would be adding some indoor plants. However, maintenance of the plants, buying the pots, shipping of the plants can put a huge dent in the budget. Thus, it is a better idea to rent the plants instead of buying them.

Services offered by rental agencies for plants

Plant rental agencies are rapidly increasing in big cities. Corporates, hotels, malls, hospitals, and homeowners who have a lot of space avail such services. In the fast-paced life of today, no one has time to sit and care for the plants. Therefore, it is easier to hire plants instead of buying them. This way, they can have a hassle-free experience while enjoying the beauty and fresh, clean air offered by the plants.

Advantages of renting plants over buying them

If you choose to hire plants for your indoor office, it will be not only economicalbe economical and hassle-free and simple. Here are a few advantages of renting plants compared to buying them.

Freedom of choice

If you choose to buy a plant, you are practically stuck with it until the plant dies. However, if you rent a plant, you can have the plant changed every month. You can change the décor by changing the plants, or you can get seasonal plants. Over time you will understand which plants suit your décor the best and have them more often in your office.

The option of seasonal plants

Seasonal plants are not an option if you buy the plants and are interested in regularly maintaining them. You will have to replace such plants every season and then wait for them to grow to their full strength. This is not feasible for an office environment where constant air conditioning can create a dry atmosphere.

Plant longevity

Plants live longer if they receive the right groom and care. In offices, it is very difficult to expose the plants to the sunlight. Every 15 days, the plants are switched so that every plant gets exposed to sunlight and remains healthy. If you are planning to rent plants for your office, check out potted plant rental KL.


If you choose to rent a plant, you don’t have to spend money on hiring help, buying containers, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. All of this will be taken care of by the renting company.