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Let’s explore on how to share your google ads account without sharing your password!

A system for online advertising of goods and services on Google, formerly known as Google AdWords. You must link your online account and website in order to get this advertisement. It simply takes a few minutes to sign up and create an account using this system. We have provided you with a detailed how-to guide.

They will eventually require access to your Google Ads account if you’re working with a digital agency or Google Ads consultant. At the best Digital Marketing Institute in Thane we teach our students what can be done to examine the accounts and make a proposal, or it might be to handle all aspects of running Google Ads, including audience targeting, budget management, ad creation, and ROI generation.

Giving the company or consultant your Google login and password is the very last thing you want to do! You probably have access to a lot of private data with your Google account, including contacts, Gmail, and even your YouTube viewing history.

Even if you feel safe disclosing all of that information to your consultant, at the best Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai how Google has put obstacles in place to prevent you from disclosing your account and password, for security measures and safeguarding in the user’s interest. Google will detect that your consultant is attempting to log in with your credentials from a new device and will probably SMS your phone a code as an additional layer of security if they find out.

Giving access to an outside consultant through their Google account is the better and more preferable method. Additionally, if you decide to change agencies or take the job in-house in the future, you may revoke access.

How to Give Your Google Ads Account Access Permission

Locate the gear icon in the top menu after signing into your Google Ads account:

You may get a list of your current account users by selecting “Access and security” from the drop-down menu’s extra drop-down list after clicking the “Account” tab.

Click the blue + symbol above the list of people with access now to add a new user:

Depending on the amount of access you want them to have, this sends you to a page with a variety of alternatives to pick from:

  • Email only – View your account reports only.
  • Billing – View and edit billing information only.
  • Read only – View all account features without editing capability (except reports).
  • Standard – Access to all features except the ability to add/edit users and product links.
  • Admin – Full access to your entire account and all its features.

Although we hope you can trust the business you’re working with, it’s generally wise to avoid giving anyone outside your workplace complete admin access because they could subsequently be able to lock you out of your own account.

At flyte, we demand (and advise) regular access to the accounts of our clients.

Click the “Send Invitation” button after entering the email address of your new user and after choosing the appropriate access level. An email invitation similar to the one below will be sent to them:

You can proceed when they click “Accept Invitation”! They will gain access to your account the next time they enter into their Google Ads Manager account.